Thursday 16 June 2011

Michelle's Handkerchief

First of all I want to say thank you for all your comments on the Jan Stawasz doily - that was the most comments I ever got so far (in my very short blogging career)!

But I can't stay idle for too long, can I!  So now the doily is done and dusted, I have returned my attention to this lovely handkerchief sent to me by Michelle.

After contemplating my first effort, I decided I was not happy with the edging I'd chosen or with the colours.  Whilst looking through a book for something else, I saw this edging which I thought would look better (in the Tatter's Treasure Chest).  But then I couldn't decide on the best colour.

The ladies at In Tatters have kindly contributed their opinions to my dilemma and at the moment, the variegated green is winning on votes with the yellow a close second!

There were more suggestions to try other colours as well but these are the ones I have available at the moment so it's a choice between the colours in the photo above.

As far as I'm concerned, the darker pink and the dark green have been ruled out.  The yellow I tried at Fox's suggestion and I do like it.

This handkerchief has some "tricky" inward curves which are requiring modifying the pattern to fit the curves.  I've just worked it out with a couple of single shuttle split rings, I think it will look ok.

... to be continued.

Best wishes,


  1. Yell-ow yellllow yeeeeelllllloooo yellow yellllllowwww

    - or whatever you think is best!

    Fox : ))

  2. The lighter green is pretty, but I'm with Fox on this one... yellow!

    I look forward to seeing which one you choose!

  3. All this colors are beautiful, so when you ask your question, everybody will choose his/her own personal favorite.
    The question is, what do you want!
    On the hanky the strongest color is dark pink ( because pink and red ), so you can make it even stronger with dark pink.
    Pale pink and variegated green is really pale, so use them if you want to accent the flowers on the hanky.
    Yellow is very joyful and soft.
    Dark green is very good for neutralize the colors on the whole piece, because this two colors are complementary.

  4. I have to go with Fox too, I really like the lighter green because it makes it look like the leaves are all around the edge,but, personally really like the yellow best because to me it makes the yellow in the center of the flowers pop and just makes the whole hankie like a bouquet of flowers are popping off it.

    so, my own vote would be for yellow. but you have to what you yourself like the best taking all thoughts into consideration :) afterall, it is your hankie :X

  5. i'd vote for yellow (#1) because it will go so well with the little flowers on the hanky, and the variegated green (#2) to accent the flowers. Down to 2 choices... :)

  6. Hi,

    Orginally I said pale pink and white or cream, but now I have to go with Fox perhaps the yellow does look nice.


  7. Well, it appears to be all yellow here!! But I must say over at in Tatters, it was the green winning!

    I shall tot up the results. And then I must really decide, stop testing, and start tatting!

  8. A little late, but I definitely agree with everyone on the yellow :) My 2nd choice would be the variegated green - it really does look nice as well.

  9. Yo tambien prefiero el VERDE, le da vida a las flores

  10. So... what did you choose? Did you finish this one?

  11. Hi Creativa,

    Nice of you to remember about this one. It was put on the back-burner but is now next on my list of projects to complete. Hope to be able to show you something soon!


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