Monday 27 April 2020

A Bit of Tatting

While sorting some things out, I found this edging I'd started a while ago.  It's the one shuttle edging which I've used once before for a hanky I gave away as a gift.  I now have another (similar) hanky and thought I'd try to tat a bit more of it.  The last time was a more bluey-green and this time is a more zingy green!

I'll try to be reasonable and only do a little bit at a time... to try not to irritate my silly elbow again!!  I do like a one-shuttle edging, very relaxing to work.  And I designed a corner for this one too so if you want a simple edging for a project, maybe you'll fancy trying it.  I even have a video on YouTube that demonstrates how to make it.

This nice green reminds me of all the fresh shoots and new leaves growing all around at the moment. It's a lovely time of year, nature-wise.

Best wishes,

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Sewing & Spool Pin Doilies

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all keeping well in these difficult times  As I still have problems with my elbow, preventing me from tatting for any length of time.. I thought I'd get my sewing machine out for a change.  I have a modern machine but particularly love my 1913 treadle Singer.  What a joy it is to use!

My friend Megan had recently showed my her new spool pin doily she'd made which was sewn like a mini patchwork (a Dresden Spool Pin Doily).  It's really pretty and I thought I'd make myself one...  then while searching for the pattern, I found Diane's spool pin doily pattern!  What a surprise find.  Thank you Diane!

Yes, crocheting one would be so quick.  I set to work straight away.  Diane's is the one top right... and then I played around and made two more, slightly smaller.  As well as the treadle, I have a hand-crank machine too so I put a little doily on each.

I had not sewn for ages and really enjoyed making myself a new summer dress as well as making two pouches/bags using scraps of fabric and with Caroline's patterns from the blog "SewCanShe".  She has many free patterns for bags and totes.

What projects are keeping you busy at the moment?

Best wishes,

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Fleurette - Tatting Day!

I made a new video yesterday:  it shows how to make this vintage edging which I like a lot and have made several times.  This pattern can be found in lots of old publications; I have just re-written it (with my slightly amended stitch count) to make it more easily accessible to tatters.  I also designed a corner for it and gave it a name because in most books it didn't have one or else it just had a number or something.  Fleurette, meaning "little flower" seemed like a good name!

Anyway, tatting some samples for my video reminded me how much I like this simple edging which looks so pretty with a variegated thread for the flowers.

My elbow is still causing me problems so I cannot do a lot of tatting but I do enjoy the little bits wherever I can!

From left to right, the Lizbeth colours for the edged place mat are Spring Green & Tropical Punch; then it's Green Orchid Med with Easter Eggs and lastly Leaf Green Med with Juicy Watermelon.

I hope the little flowers cheer you up like they did me.  Oh, I'd not realised today was International Tatting Day!  It's an even better occasion to share this vintage pattern again then.  Happy tatting!

Best wishes,