Tuesday 19 April 2022

Medallion Collar Finished! ...And Antique Pattern Library

It's done!  I'm so pleased to have finally made this collar.  I modified the first round of the neckline to avoid having to make all those separate diamond-shaped pieces between medallions (as I had discussed in a previous blogpost) and also because I couldn't make them fit right for me.  I used a SCMR with a smaller ring thrown off it to fill the gap instead and incorporated it into the first round of the neck edge which simplifies things a lot.

Now I need to find a way to wear it!  I'm thinking I'd like to make a shirt or a dress from it so that the collar is not just added on top of something but is part of the garment.  I need to give it some thought.

And as we're on the topic of vintage patterns, I wondered if any of you had seen the Antique Pattern Library website?  They have several vintage tatting publications available online.  I need to explore it more.  Here is the link should anyone be interested: Antique Pattern Library

If anyone would like to make the collar, I have a filmed a series of videos that show how to tat it from start to finish.

Best wishes,

Saturday 9 April 2022

More Medallion Collar

After the final round of the bottom edge of the collar, I had to figure out the neck edge and firstly the two pieces added on at the ends of the collar.  I debated whether to find a way to incorporate those two pieces into the subsequent rounds rather than having to do them separately and cut and tie for each but in the end, I kept them, again because I want to respect the original as much as possible.

However, I didn't like the way it felt a bit "unfinished" to me.  So I added an extra ring and an extra chain to fill what looked like a gap on my collar.

Please ignore all the messiness around the neck edge where I've been testing different options but if you look just at the two ends:  on the left is exactly as per the pattern and on the right is my modified version where I've added an extra ring and an extra chain.  I could have maybe added two extra chains... but that's what I went with for now.  Probably if I was making this again I would do the double chain to keep more consistent with the rest of the design where all the chains are doubled on the bottom edge of the collar.  But I suppose I was trying to add the minimum possible!

Just three more rounds and the collar will be done!

Best wishes,

Saturday 2 April 2022

Think I found it!

Yes, I think I found the way I'm going to make that final round on the bottom edge of the collar.  I wanted to stay as close as possible to the original so I kept the arrangement of three small rings in the space between the scallops but I joined them differently, especially as I had removed the small ring that would have been there from the previous round.  So we're now making three new small rings to fill the space between the scallops.

As you can see, it's definitely not the same but I hope you'll feel I'm keeping close enough to the spirit of the original.

Part of the problem I was finding, if you look at the photo below, was how to move between those two rings without having a fairly long piece of thread carried on the back.  My guess is that there is a piece of thread carried on the back and I think you can see part of it on the top side of the left little ring (where the left arrow points).  That's the thing when working with just one shuttle, you can't make a chain to take you to the next point if needed, you can only carry the thread so you want to avoid having large spaces to cross (I hope that makes sense what I'm saying).  I'd love to be able to examine the back of the original collar!

Photo of original collar from Priscilla Tatting Book No. 2

You can see on the photo below where I have tried tatting the last round as it is written: the mirrored piece is pushed under and I have put the carried thread on top so you can see where it has to travel from and to.  I couldn't see any other way to make that join between the three rings without having that long carried thread which would be on the back.

By making the three small rings on the same round (as per my modification) you only have to carry the thread a short distance between each picot.  I have to say that I do like the look of the mirrored ring and chains that were used in the original but I tried and tried and just couldn't make that part fit nicely for me.

That third round is now making the collar curve and I think it's going to look great!  

Right!  I now need to figure out how to make the neck edge of the collar. 

More testing!

Best wishes,