Saturday 30 March 2024

Easter Egg

I unfortunately ran out of time to complete the second egg as I ended up having an impromptu invitation to go away for the weekend but I managed to decorate one of them!

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a lovely time with family and friends this holiday weekend.

 Best wishes,

Thursday 28 March 2024


I found these little ceramic eggs in my local charity shop yesterday...  I thought they were shouting to be decorated with tatting!

I'm using a vintage edging from the Tatters Treasure Chest and I think I will combine it with one of my patterns.  We'll see if it works out!

Best wishes,

Friday 8 March 2024

Flower Earrings

First of all, thank you very much to all of you who responded to my posts about missing comments.  I'm so glad and really appreciate every single one of your answers.  I apologise if I don't respond to each individually but for some reason Blogger has become incredibly slow at loading!  When I want to respond to comments, it takes ages to load up the response box and then more ages to load up my answer so sometimes I just give up.  Does anyone have that problem who's on Blogger also?  Not sure why it has changed as this never was a problem until a few months ago.

I removed comment moderation but straight away started received spam again!  Grrrrrr.  So I'm afraid I'll have to re-instate it... and this time will try to remember to go approve comments when they come in!  (Silly me).

Now, you've seen these earrings on several occasions as it is one of my favourite pattern to make as a gift (and for myself because I also have several pairs in different colours).  I made this pair for my son's girlfriend, the colour is "Maple Syrup" which I couldn't resist buying as I'm such a maple fan!  And the shade was just in her colour palette.

I've not tatted any bigger projects for a while now so I hope you don't mind seeing the little ones I manage to make here and there.  I've got crochet and knitting on the go but not so much tatting at the moment.  I always like to hear what you are working on too! 

Best wishes,

Thursday 1 February 2024

Dewdrop Earrings

Thank you again for all your responses on my previous posts!  Now I've found them and know where I went wrong... and yes, it was all me!  Don't activate comment moderation and then forget about it is the lesson!  I've now de-activated it but I'm still getting spam so may have to re-instate it.  Hopefully when/if I do so again, I won't forget to go check my comments and approve them!

Thank you so much to all of you who write comments on my posts.  I really appreciate it and am relieved to know that people are still visiting.  Phew!

Here is a pair of Dewdrop earrings, pattern by Jane McLellan which you can find here.  Jane answered my post about her "go-to" pattern so I decided to make a pair.  Really lovely.  Could be made with variations and endless colour choices of course.  I see I'll be making some of these for friends too.

Don't look too closely as I slightly messed up the top ring where it joins to the finding but I know where I went wrong so the next pair will be better.  I like patterns like these where you can quickly whip up a pair, especially when you want to match an outfit for example or make a gift for a friend.

Best wishes,

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Not Able to Comment?

Ok, I'm starting to worry...  it's two blogposts in a row that have not received any comments at all.  Of course, it may be that they were not interesting and no one wanted to write anything but it still seems a bit strange to me.

Would some of you reading this (I hope some of you are!) kindly try to write a comment and if it doesn't work, could you email me at frivole*at* and let me know please?  I'd really appreciate it.

And here's a little tatting image to decorate this blogpost.

Thank you very much!

UPDATE 31.01:  Thank you very much everyone who has taken the time to write me emails and commented - it's working again!  It's true I had changed the settings a few months ago for moderation because I was getting so much spam.  I've now changed them back and hopefully the spam won't come back too soon.  It's lovely to hear from people, I really appreciate it so thank you everyone!  I will answer emails over the next couple of days.

Second Update 01.02:  Thank you again for all the responses, it's really cheered me up that people still enjoy blogs and that you do come and visit mine!  :-).   I feel rather silly that I had changed comment moderation (due to too much spam) and promptly forgot to go check on blogger to approve them!  So it's all my fault, I can't even blame technology for this one.  I have now removed comment moderation but see that I already have spam coming back in so I may have to leave it on (sorry as I know it's a bit annoying to deal with).  I'll leave it off a while longer but if it gets too bad, I'll have to start moderating again.  Hopefully this time, I won't forget to go approve comments so they appear on my blog!  

Best wishes,

Thursday 25 January 2024

D*i*amond Earrings

I hope people still enjoy reading blogs?... Or are they now "passé"?  What is your favourite platform to view craft content?  

I recently made a new video on how to tat these easy d*i*amond earrings (I'm adding the asterisks because last time I posted about such earrings a few years ago, I got so many spam comments!), you can view it here.  Making the video caused me to tat a few more pairs so here they are.  Two of the pairs will be gifted to friends.

They don't take long to make and the pattern is super simple to remember:
R3-3-3-3, rw
C7, rw
*R3+3-3-3, rw
C7, repeat from *

There are slight variations in each:
The green pair is joined at the first and last picots of each rings (as per the pattern),
whereas the grey and the black pairs are joined at the second,
and penultimate picots of each ring.

The grey pair has beads at the tips.
The black pair has beads at all the joins
(not very visible as they are black on black).
I shall make another pair with a more contrasting bead on the joins.

I stiffen those earrings with a bit of diluted PVA glue so they keep their shape when worn.

Do you have favourite earring pattern, one that you go back to again and again?  Please let me know!

Best wishes,


Thursday 11 January 2024

Happy New Year!

Ooh, I realise I didn't even post a Christmas message this year but I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and that you are looking forward to a great new year 2024 full of joy, happiness and creativity!

After working on the Holly snowflake, I didn't do much tatting, concentrating more on making Christmas decorations and cooking and baking and just enjoying time with the family.  

This year, inspired by some instagram videos, one daughter and I had fun making dried orange and leaf garlands, up cycled cardboard decorations and little orange foxes to decorate the house:

Each year, I enjoy making a nice-looking meatless Christmas dinner option:

And finally, the town hall looked really pretty decked up in its Christmas lighting:

During the holidays, I had cold feet and decided I needed a new pair of slippers.  I followed Jess Coppam's pattern for crochet slippers and made these:

And then thought my husband would like some too so I modified the top of the slippers and made him this pair:

They are quick to make with super chunky yarn and size 6.5mm crochet hook.

How is the start of the year shaping up for you?  Any exciting projects you will be working on?  I always enjoy hearing from you!

Best wishes,