Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Square or Rectangle? (Pattern Available)

I'm just one short of 25 repeats of the medallion... photographed on the patio under the setting sun.

I'm now wondering whether I should keep going with a square or carry on at this width and make a rectangle, like a runner type of piece.  What do you think?  I'm already thinking of what sort of border I could come up with to complete the piece when I feel it's the right size... or when I've had enough of tatting medallions!  :-)

Here is the pattern for anyone who'd like to give it a try.  

One-Shuttle Medallion
Clicking on image will take you to the pattern.

I hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes,

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Medallion Repeated

I carried on making the little medallions.  They are relaxing to make with just one shuttle, and when I don't forget to add my magic loops - which I still do regularly! - , they are quite quick to complete too.  I love working out patterns in one pass.

Don't know where I'm going with this yet.  But here is a set of nine.

Doesn't look quite square but I think it's a bit of distortion from my photo.
... or maybe I need to block it.

It's interesting that a cross forms between the motifs.  I tried attaching them differently but this seemed to me to be the best way.  I wondered about filling in the spaces with something else... but I don't know yet.  It's also interesting that when the medallions are attached on all four sides (as in the very middle one), they end up looking square instead of round.

I've added another few more since this photo.  And I've also written the pattern for the motif if anyone might be interested?

Best wishes,

Monday, 30 July 2018

Lovely Gift

I recently received a lovely surprise in the post...  a beautiful handmade bag - with a matching small pouch inside too - in a fabric that features tatting!  Isn't it great?

I really like it.

I was looking at it today and was suddenly inspired to re-create one of the motifs from the bag.  Tat, tat, tat...

After a bit of trial and error...

I think this may be as close as I'm going to get to what I see on the bag.

The one on the bag is a bit more "open", maybe tatted a bit looser, or slightly longer bare threads and picots but I think the general shape and proportions are not too bad.

It was interesting trying to work out how to make it in one pass, with one shuttle only.  I found a way!  My guess is that it is an old design where each round was cut and tied.

Here is another photo that shows a smaller version of the same motif on the fabric with my tatted version next to it on the right:

Maybe a few of them put together might look nice?

Best wishes,

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Earrings in the Sun

Not doing lots of tatting still... but needed a new pair of earrings to match a blouse.  I always like making these flower earrings.  They are light and comfortable to wear but also keep their shape due to the layered design.  The pearl in the centre also adds strength and stability.

The thread I used is a lovely hand-dyed thread made by Karen Solomon of Graceful Arts Fiber Studio.  I do like her threads and the way the colours are more random rather than in a sequence as in most other variegated threads.  The thread is called "Watermelon".

Best wishes,

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Braiding in the Garden

Oooh, it's been so hot!  It's still hot.  Well, hot for the UK anyway.  I did try to modify the tatting pattern from the previous post but didn't get to a satisfactory solution (without spending a lot more time on it).  So I'm afraid that one's been put on hold for now.

For a change of scene, I decided to make a few braided bracelets.  Something really easy, that doesn't require any thinking - perfect in this hot weather.

Just a bit of simple fun...
which results in rather nice braids.

I've also been working on the crochet bag pattern (which was a lot harder and took a lot longer than expected).  I think I'm getting there with it.  One of my readers kindly offered to test the pattern for me and I've been making several samples so I could take photos and make sure everything corresponds, makes sense, is clear enough to understand.  Like many crafts, it can be really hard to clearly describe in words what you are doing with your hands.  

I've not made so many blogposts lately.  Children are now on holidays so having a bit less time for online activities but I'm enjoying a house full!

How are you?  Is it hot where you are too?  

Best wishes,

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

I give up?

I made a bit of progress on this edging... but I'm still not enjoying it!  It's not lying right and the rings are a bit on top of each other and I can't really understand from the hard-to-decipher pattern if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just the way the pattern is.  Should I try to modify it?  Or should I just give up?

It's a shame because I do like the look of it in the book... however, I always think that life is too short to be fighting with a pattern.  I like to tat because it makes me happy... so when it doesn't... What do you think?

Best wishes,

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Rose, Cordial, Edging

Very unoriginal is my blogpost title!  Back from my travels, the garden is now in full swing.  I hear it's a particularly good year for roses.  This wild one in our garden is really showing off with it's vivid shade of pink!

This time of year is also wonderful for...
making elderflower cordial!

This concoction will steep for 24 hours and I will bottle it tomorrow.
The elderflower is so fragrant!

And lastly, I decided to give this edging a try because I found it looked unusual.  It's from my Tatting from Burda book - the same one where the large butterfly doily is to be found.  It just caught my eye.  It's not easy to tat though and the explanations on the pattern are not very good.  There is some tension and I wonder whether I tat more tightly than the person who designed it because I feel I could benefit from an extra stitch here and there but I'm keeping to the pattern and see if it turns out good in the end.  There will be two more rounds.

I hope everyone is well and happy and enjoying nice sunshiny weather!  :-)

Best wishes,