Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Hanky Edging Completed

I finished the green edging for my mother-in-law.  It's simple but effective and the shape appeals to me, like little shells.

I attached it to the fabric edge as I went along.
This meant improvising on the corners depending on where I was at on the
pattern as I got close to the corners.

You can see these two corners are not the same
but it works fine and is not noticeable when you look
at the hanky overall.

The colours are like those of snowdrops that are blooming all around at the moment.
Spring is in the air!...

Best wishes,

Sunday, 15 January 2023

New Handkerchief

My mother-in-law really likes hankies and always has one in her handbag or her pocket.  It's been too long since I made her a new hanky so as her birthday is coming up, out came my shuttles to tat an edging.  I was going to go for something more complex but in the end the shape of this simple design appealed to me - it's from Ann Orr's Tatting Book No. 35 revised.  I am tatting it straight onto the handkerchief, attaching it as I go.

Best wishes,

Thursday, 12 January 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (and apologies regarding patterns)

Happy New Year everyone, I do hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and that 2023 is off to a good start!

I want to start my blogging new year with an apology:  over the last few years I've regularly had people contact me to say they were not able to access my free patterns.  I couldn't figure out what the problem was so I sent patterns to people who emailed me directly but...  I had not visited the gmail account linked to this blog for some time and have just found many many emails from readers asking for access to patterns and I didn't know they were there and I didn't answer them!

So MANY apologies to all the people who contacted me via the google docs system to ask for access to patterns and I unwittingly ignored you!  I have now re-uploaded all the links on my patterns page and I'd be grateful if people could test links and tell me if they now work.

Also if you ever need to contact me or still have problems accessing my free patterns, please do so via the "Contact Me" link in the right side bar of this page rather than through the links at google docs.

Again, I'm sorry to all the readers of this blog who didn't receive a response from me regarding patterns, it was really unintentional!  

I do hope it all works now and I would appreciate anyone testing the new patterns links and letting me know!

Very best wishes to all of you,

Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Time for Snowflakes

It's going to be the 1st of December tomorrow!  I started making my Christmas cards for family and friends back home and as always I like to enclose a new snowflake but sadly this year, I've not had time to work on a new pattern.  So I had a look in my drawer and found all the sample snowflakes I'd made and then found the variations I'd worked on for my 2019 snowflakes.  The one below was version no. 2 and I decided to re-tat it.

I like to start getting into Christmas from the 1st of December, not before if at all possible - apart from the Christmas pudding which I do make in advance as it tastes better.  So tomorrow I can start decorating the house and play the first carol on the piano!

How about you?  Are you into Christmas already?

Best wishes,

Monday, 31 October 2022

More Giant Tatting

Hello Everyone!  

Sorry I have become a bit of an infrequent poster of late!  There seems to be so many things to keep up with that I don't get around to posting on my blog as often as I used to, or as often as I'd like.

I'm working on large tatting again at the moment, worked with 3mm cotton cord.

I love autumn and its gorgeous colours so here is a bit of large tatting amongst the autumn leaves.

It's the 31st today so Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it!

Best wishes,

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Rugged Tatting

My son picked up a stone on the Jurassic coast and wanted to make a necklace out of it.  He wasn't happy with the cord he first used and then his sister gave him some waxed cotton cord but he thought it was too thin.  So I suggested that I tat the waxed cotton.  I thought a lock chain would make a nicely shaped cord for his necklace. 

We think it looks pretty good!

I hope you all had a nice summer.  I've been travelling quite a bit and not posting very much!  But I hope you've all enjoyed lots of creative projects and some lovely weather.  Can't believe it's September already.

Best wishes,

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Layered Flower Earrings

This is a pattern I've made so many times!  Sometimes I leave the centre open and sometimes I add a flat back pearl in the middle like in these ones.  I have several pairs myself,  I make them for my shop and I like to give them as gifts.  This time it was a gift for a young lady.

Do you have go-to patterns like this that you like to make often?  Tell me about yours!

Best wishes,