Wednesday 20 June 2018

I give up?

I made a bit of progress on this edging... but I'm still not enjoying it!  It's not lying right and the rings are a bit on top of each other and I can't really understand from the hard-to-decipher pattern if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just the way the pattern is.  Should I try to modify it?  Or should I just give up?

It's a shame because I do like the look of it in the book... however, I always think that life is too short to be fighting with a pattern.  I like to tat because it makes me happy... so when it doesn't... What do you think?

Best wishes,

Sunday 10 June 2018

Rose, Cordial, Edging

Very unoriginal is my blogpost title!  Back from my travels, the garden is now in full swing.  I hear it's a particularly good year for roses.  This wild one in our garden is really showing off with it's vivid shade of pink!

This time of year is also wonderful for...
making elderflower cordial!

This concoction will steep for 24 hours and I will bottle it tomorrow.
The elderflower is so fragrant!

And lastly, I decided to give this edging a try because I found it looked unusual.  It's from my Tatting from Burda book - the same one where the large butterfly doily is to be found.  It just caught my eye.  It's not easy to tat though and the explanations on the pattern are not very good.  There is some tension and I wonder whether I tat more tightly than the person who designed it because I feel I could benefit from an extra stitch here and there but I'm keeping to the pattern and see if it turns out good in the end.  There will be two more rounds.

I hope everyone is well and happy and enjoying nice sunshiny weather!  :-)

Best wishes,