Monday 29 April 2013

Still Tatting Newcastle

I'm still enamoured of Marilee's Rockley's Newcastle necklace.  I did it again in size 20 thread this time and it looks really lovely on the neck too, in the smaller size.  Don't look at how I finished the blue necklace, I knotted the ends because I'm testing it just for myself at the moment.

I've made some very small changes:  first of all no beads at all whereas the original has lots of beads but I've kept the central pendant which I like to have on a lot of tatted necklaces as it gives weight to the piece and helps it stay in the right place on your neck.  Then just some minor modifications on the centre part.  I do mean minor.  But I always feel I have to say when I've changed something to a pattern in case someone else makes it after seeing mine and then wonders why theirs doesn't look quite the same.

It's a really nice pattern which looks striking when worn.

Best wishes,

Sunday 28 April 2013

Trips to the bead shop...

... are always bad news for me!  I went for some bails I needed for my lace necklaces... but of course, I always get tempted by something that's NOT on my list!

So this post's offering is a twisted rope beaded bracelet.  It's late but I couldn't put it down once I'd started it and had to finish!

The colours are a bit less blue in real life, more greeny turquoise and sparkly!  But the bead mix was not quite right (they didn't have all the colours I really wanted) so this may have to be remade eventually.  Fun for a change though!

I also made yet another version of the necklace from the previous post in one of my favourite grey-blue shade, I'll show it to you in my next post.

Best wishes,

Friday 26 April 2013

A Tale of Two Necklaces

This is Marilee Rockley's Newcastle Necklace from her Tatted Jewelry Book.  I started it yesterday in blue and only had time to do the first round before I had to leave for the school run.  I wore the first round on its own and thought it looked nice.  In the evening, I set to, tatting the second round.  I first started it in a contrasting colour (an ecru) but didn't like that.  I took it apart and decided to make the second round in the same colour instead.

... and then decided I preferred the necklace with only the first round!

Here is the first necklace with both rounds completed
and with a chalcedony nugget pendant.

And here's what it looks like on:

So I started again and tatted it in black the second time.

Here's the second necklace (one round only)
with a black pearl pendant:

And here's what it looks like on:

I omitted the beads between the large rings on the second version and omitted the outside beads on both versions!  I fancied picots instead of beads.

I think it looks quite different when you add the second round and I prefer the lighter, lacier look of the necklace with one round only.

I do like it and am wearing it today.  Thank you Marilee!  In fact, I very well might make it in a different colour next... something lighter for spring... if it ever comes!

Best wishes,

Thursday 25 April 2013

Taffilicious Twirly

I see that Fox and I had the same idea!  Jane's Twirly was next on my list, so I started it and then saw it appearing on Fox's blog too.

I decided to use Jess's Taffilicious which has lots of pretty colours in it.  I love the thread but I don't think it was a good choice for this motif.  The colours distract from the pretty shape of it.  I find that's often the case with variegated and more often than not, I decide, in the end, that a plain colour would have been better.  But there are so many gorgeous variegated threads!  I'm always tempted by them.  It's just finding the right pattern to best display them which can be tricky.

Jane seems to have endless inspiration with all these patterns she comes up with - thank you Jane!  I was torn between making Twirly or the latest Ferris Wheel which is neat looking too.  Perhaps I'll have to do that one next.

Best wishes,

Monday 22 April 2013

Yet More Butterfly... Ornamental Mat?

Still looking for another word for "doily" - anyone has suggestions?

Travelling means lots of time sitting on airplanes or waiting in airports.... which means.... tatting time!  I managed to just about complete the next two rounds of my butterfly table decoration (only a few repeats left on this row).  It now measures 21.5 inches across.  There are two rows left.  This piece was the only tatting I took with me.

Here it is, on my ironing board.
The last row was another with long chains
which unfortunately need pressing into place
to get them to behave!

Ironing it also got me to notice that I'd made a small mistake on the previous row!  Oh Dear.  But there will be no cutting and repairing I'm afraid, those rounds are just too long to remake!  The mistake will remain and become part of the "personality" of the piece I've decided.

Best wishes,

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Fair Production

Here are a few of the things I made for the Craft Fair and which remained, for the most part, unsold!  I think I'll stick to shuttles and patterns in future...

I sold some of the tiny butterfly clips...
(they were really cheap!)

but that's about it.

Simple Flower Necklace

And another...

A selection of earrings

and a hairband with real pearls in the flowers.

To be fair, I made new things (lots of butterfly clips for example) but I also used a lot of "bits & bobs" I'd tatted and stored away in a box, many of those being these layered flowers you see.  I hadn't realised how many I had made!

I made "Square Elegance" into this dramatic necklace
which looks really good on, with the wide ribbon.
I also had a purple version of it.

There were other necklaces too, of various designs and some brooches.  I did have many nice comments, but very few purchases were made.  Hardly any at all in fact.  And to think I spent quite a lot of my holiday time making things and preparing!

Oh well, win some, loose some and all that...

Best wishes,

Sunday 7 April 2013

Apple of My Eye...

Whilst on holiday, I found a gorgeous little apple in a bead shop...  it inspired me to create this necklace.  I like how it turned out and I'm wearing it now.  I think I'll make another similar necklace with the other apple I bought and list it in my shop.

The apple is attached separately and therefore not static
within the necklace.  It dangles from a very small chain.
I like the movement.

I was also busy while I was away making lots of things in preparation for a craft fair I was attending today...  sadly it was a relatively small affair, and not a great success sales wise.  Never mind, I agreed to do it in support of my daughter's sports club so it was not all wasted.  

I'll show you some of what I made in my next blogpost.

Best wishes,