Monday 29 April 2013

Still Tatting Newcastle

I'm still enamoured of Marilee's Rockley's Newcastle necklace.  I did it again in size 20 thread this time and it looks really lovely on the neck too, in the smaller size.  Don't look at how I finished the blue necklace, I knotted the ends because I'm testing it just for myself at the moment.

I've made some very small changes:  first of all no beads at all whereas the original has lots of beads but I've kept the central pendant which I like to have on a lot of tatted necklaces as it gives weight to the piece and helps it stay in the right place on your neck.  Then just some minor modifications on the centre part.  I do mean minor.  But I always feel I have to say when I've changed something to a pattern in case someone else makes it after seeing mine and then wonders why theirs doesn't look quite the same.

It's a really nice pattern which looks striking when worn.

Best wishes,


  1. Very, very cool, Frivole! Love it in the darker shade. The pattern really pops.
    Fox : )

  2. Really nice pattern and processing, bravo!

  3. I love both versions, looks lovely around your neck.

  4. Gorgeous! I might be tempted way from the quatrain ( two more rows done) if you keep this up!

  5. oh, that is very nice. I like it with the center pendant.

  6. Very interesting to learn that you have tatted this necklace in 20 as I have only used 10 (stated in pattern) and because only having a few colours in that size was limited. Must also try using 20 and although a lover of beads, yours look striking omitting them, thanks for the ideas

  7. Very beautiful! I think no beads are needed with such a lovely design.

  8. I was just wondering how I can get the pattern for this thank you


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