Saturday 30 March 2024

Easter Egg

I unfortunately ran out of time to complete the second egg as I ended up having an impromptu invitation to go away for the weekend but I managed to decorate one of them!

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a lovely time with family and friends this holiday weekend.

 Best wishes,

Thursday 28 March 2024


I found these little ceramic eggs in my local charity shop yesterday...  I thought they were shouting to be decorated with tatting!

I'm using a vintage edging from the Tatters Treasure Chest and I think I will combine it with one of my patterns.  We'll see if it works out!

Best wishes,

Friday 8 March 2024

Flower Earrings

First of all, thank you very much to all of you who responded to my posts about missing comments.  I'm so glad and really appreciate every single one of your answers.  I apologise if I don't respond to each individually but for some reason Blogger has become incredibly slow at loading!  When I want to respond to comments, it takes ages to load up the response box and then more ages to load up my answer so sometimes I just give up.  Does anyone have that problem who's on Blogger also?  Not sure why it has changed as this never was a problem until a few months ago.

I removed comment moderation but straight away started received spam again!  Grrrrrr.  So I'm afraid I'll have to re-instate it... and this time will try to remember to go approve comments when they come in!  (Silly me).

Now, you've seen these earrings on several occasions as it is one of my favourite pattern to make as a gift (and for myself because I also have several pairs in different colours).  I made this pair for my son's girlfriend, the colour is "Maple Syrup" which I couldn't resist buying as I'm such a maple fan!  And the shade was just in her colour palette.

I've not tatted any bigger projects for a while now so I hope you don't mind seeing the little ones I manage to make here and there.  I've got crochet and knitting on the go but not so much tatting at the moment.  I always like to hear what you are working on too! 

Best wishes,