Wednesday 24 February 2021

Victorian Trellis Progress

I was starting to wonder if I'd bitten more than I could chew!  The tatting is ok but trying to film every part of the process is proving more of a challenge.  I've never made so many videos in quick succession!  Anyway, I'm getting there.  Just two more rounds after this one and the whole design is done and documented.

The round just before the one I'm working on ends up looking messy (this piece has not been blocked in any way so far) with its long chains and large rings but it all falls into place again with the round I'm working on now.

I was trying to do both the collar version and doily version at the same time but that became too complicated.  So I actually think I will remake it once more when I've completed this one and make sure to note all changes required to make it as an open collar.  The first one I made (the cream one) does fit over my head but this one, although I thought I was using the same size thread, has worked out smaller and doesn't fit over my head so that's what made me think that I really need to do another, open version.

Ok, to all those reading this, can I have your suggestions as to what colour I should choose when I remake it for a collar?

Best wishes,

Monday 15 February 2021

Victorian Trellis

I don't know if any of you have joined in but I now have several videos relating to the Victorian Trellis Doily pattern (find them on my channel and specifically in this playlist).  I've often had questions about this design over the years so I thought it might be a good idea to make videos for the whole doily from start to finish.  Along the way, I'm covering other things like how to fix mistakes (since I made two that needed correcting in the first round!).

I've now started on the second round last night which is much simpler that the first.  So if you fancy lots of Victorian Sets, I hope you'll consider joining us in tatting this piece!

Best wishes,

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Lace Collar

I can hardly believe it's back in 2013 that I made this doily.  It is meant to have a fabric centre but I never got around to adding one... which turns out to be a good thing actually!  Here's why...

Someone recently contacted me asking if I had any idea of how one could replicate Ruth Bader Ginsberg's white pearl collar in tatting (I'm not being political in any way here, just talking about her collars). :-) Funnily enough I actually used to make those collars with seed beads when I was a teenager, I have a blue one and a cream pearl one somewhere in a box in the attic.  So I've made that collar with beads, but how to make one with tatting?  Straight away I thought of what I called the "Victorian Trellis Doily".  It has that same criss-cross effect and I thought the whole thing might look great as a collar... and I think it does!

You could make it narrower or wider depending on how many rounds of this pattern you decide to use.  And it is indeed wide enough to go over my head easily.  I went back to look at one of my videos where I am working this pattern and even back in 2013, in the description box I mention that I thought this would make a nice collar. 

But it's only now that I've finally put it over my head to try it!

What do you think?

All this caused me to re-visit this pattern for which I had written out the first round in this blogpost.  There were mistakes which I have now corrected (I hope it's all good now!) and I also tried to improve the wording and description.  The first round has an unusual construction and the way it is described in the original pattern is rather hard to understand in my opinion.  You can find the original pattern on pages 15-17 of this online version of the vintage publication (now out of copyright).  There's always been interest in this pattern and I would like to make it more easily available for people to tat.

I've had several requests to make a video about this design... so finally I got around to it!  I just uploaded a video of the first round and will carry on making videos to describe the other rounds too.

I hope some of you will be interested in making it.

Best wishes,