Wednesday 24 February 2021

Victorian Trellis Progress

I was starting to wonder if I'd bitten more than I could chew!  The tatting is ok but trying to film every part of the process is proving more of a challenge.  I've never made so many videos in quick succession!  Anyway, I'm getting there.  Just two more rounds after this one and the whole design is done and documented.

The round just before the one I'm working on ends up looking messy (this piece has not been blocked in any way so far) with its long chains and large rings but it all falls into place again with the round I'm working on now.

I was trying to do both the collar version and doily version at the same time but that became too complicated.  So I actually think I will remake it once more when I've completed this one and make sure to note all changes required to make it as an open collar.  The first one I made (the cream one) does fit over my head but this one, although I thought I was using the same size thread, has worked out smaller and doesn't fit over my head so that's what made me think that I really need to do another, open version.

Ok, to all those reading this, can I have your suggestions as to what colour I should choose when I remake it for a collar?

Best wishes,


  1. Very beautiful!!! :)
    Maybe black or white for a collar!! ;)

  2. I was thinking of starting it in a soft blue in anticipation of Easter. I love soft blues at Easter!

  3. I'm in the white, or maybe black, camp for a collar - to give you the most versatility I think I'd go for white. It could worn with so many things... But if you've got a predominant colour in your personal wardrobe for your most favourite things you wear a lot that could benefit from being dressed up (and how!) with a collar sometimes then I'd go for whatever works with those. After all - collars are to be worn and the more occasions you can find to wear them the better. My old, old fashioned heart is thinking matching cuffs would be awesome on a vintage style long-sleeved blouse or dress. Swoon!

  4. Looking beautiful and love the colour, not east to do both, looking forward to seeing the final outcome

  5. I would select a royal blue or dark wedge wood blue. It would look good over any Easter fashion. Just a suggestion. Planning to start this collar soon too. Just need to make a choice on color. And tat on.

  6. Definitely do it in black or white. Love the color you used, but black or white would go with most things. Would also look great in emerald green.
    Could you also please advise where you purchase the lovely shuttles you use ie hook at one end and a bobbin for the thread. I am mesmerized when I watch you tat. Cheers, Kezza


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