My Free Patterns:

A Vintage Pattern
for which I created a corner
Hen & Chicks
Edging and Corner

Small Square
from Cindy's Bag

One-Shuttle Medallion

Tiny Snowflake

One-Shuttle Edging with Corner

Rose & Crown
(Pentagon for Needle and Shuttle)
Twinkle Twinkle

Fleurette Edging with corner
This is a vintage pattern.
I do not own the design.
But I have re-written it for all tatters to enjoy.

My scaled down version
of Tina Frauberger's Crown Edgi

Trio de Trèfles

December Motif
Small Rainbow Motif

Marie Smith's Beaded Shuttle Bags
This is not my pattern but
Marie kindly agreed that
I could share it here on my blog
Flowering Quatrain Bookmark

Happy Heart

Le Flocon Frivole
La Feuille Frivole

Feuille d'Érable du Québec
Iris Edging (with corner)

Susan Woo's Butterfly Heart

Please see this blogpost about the design.
Link to the pattern is available from there.

And finally this is Susan K. Fuller's beautiful Heart's Desire
This pattern is available for free on Georgia Seitz's site but there was no diagram for it.  I made the diagram and Susan Fuller kindly gave permission for me to share it.
Heart's Desire by Susan K. Fuller

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