Monday 19 February 2018

Birthday Gifts (Handkerchief & Socks)

I completed the edging a couple of days ago, and we are now back from our travels so here it is:

Here is how I attached my edging this time:  I used a couple of tiny stitches to fasten down each picot to the handkerchief edge.  To travel between picots, I pushed my needle inside the hem and popped it back out in line with the next picot.

I also finished the socks
which are to be given with the hanky
(they are now being blocked)

Whilst working on the tatted border, I had to refill my shuttle several times and some may wonder how to join new thread and hide ends when working with just one shuttle and bare threads so I thought it would be a good idea to make a new video.  I'm working on it today and should have it uploaded later on.

Best wishes,

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Hanky Choice and Valentine!

Thank you for your comments on the previous post.  The variegated purple turned out more popular than expected but although the colours matched really well, I was unhappy with the look of variegated for this project.

The other choice that got most votes was the bluer green which I think matched best of the two greens so that's what I went with (although I did hesitate for quite some time and ended up working too much of both before I made up my mind!).  I'm finding it very relaxing to work this one shuttle edging and am making good progress.

The colour is not accurate at all in this photo
but it was taken in the evening with poor lighting.

However, when examining my hanky to check how many repeats I needed for each side, I noticed how badly hemmed it was...  Look at that.  It's all crooked!  The hem is not even lined up with the woven lines in the fabric.

See this corner?
Not impressed.

So I decided to undo the hem, cut the fabric where necessary and re-hem so that it has four straight and matching sides.  I made nice little mitered corners and hand-stitched the hem.  Yes, that's better.

And lastly,
today is the 14th of February

so I'd like to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!


Tuesday 13 February 2018

Something Like This?

Here is the hanky I want to make for a birthday... but I don't have much time at all!  So I'm going with a one-shuttle edging because they are faster to work.  I slightly adapted a vintage edging (just changed a stitch here and there) and figured out how to go around the corner with it.  It's simple but I think it's pretty.

The only problem is... what colour?

I'm away from home at the moment and these are the only three colour choices I have brought with me.  Neither green is quite perfect (I have waaaay fewer colours in my stash of size 40).  The purple variegated is the best match but I always find you lose the lovely shape of the lace when using variegated as your eye is distracted by the colour changes.  I made more of the brighter green as I thought I'd go with that but now, looking at it again, I think I might prefer the bluer green.

Any opinions please?

Thank you!

Best wishes,

Wednesday 7 February 2018

A Tiny Bit of Tatting...

Sorry I've not been very good at posting as regularly lately...  I made a card today and put a Twinkle Twinkle on it so that's my tiny bit of tatting to show you!  I thought the colours married well.

I'm hoping to have time to make a hanky edging for the same birthday as the socks so if I can get those finished, I'll start on the edging.  Anyone can recommend a favourite one shuttle edging?  Apart from Hen and Chicks that is - don't get me wrong, I do love Hen and Chicks and am considering using it but if you have another favourite you'd like to share, I welcome suggestions!

I'm making good progress with the the socks but it's slow work with all those tiny cables going on every other row.  I hope to be able to show you the finished article very soon!

Best wishes,