Friday 25 March 2016

Joyeuses Pâques!

I've found very little time for tatting lately.  And it's Good Friday already!  So what I have for my Easter post is a little basket made with a previously tatted motif.

I think this was from a vintage book....  I can't remember at the moment where it was from but as soon as I do, I will update the post.

It's very easy to transform any circular motif into a little basket by wetting it with diluted PVA glue or  in this case with diluted Fa-brick then draping it onto the bottom of a small container or small bowl (I used a measuring cup) and leaving it to dry and harden.

Happy Easter!

We're off for a little family break... I wish you and your families a lovely one too.

Best wishes,

Tuesday 15 March 2016

No Time Crochet Cardigan

After I completed the hanky edging, there was some turquoise wool in my stash that was shouting my name really loudly...

I fancied tackling a crochet garment and I looked around for what I thought would be the right pattern... something a bit lacy but also with a good shape.  I chose this pattern but I only had 9 balls of Red Heart Fina dk in the "Dragonfly" colour way.  Crochet does use up more wool than knitting... and what I thought was the yardage required for the pattern actually turned out to be the weight of the amount of wool required... but by the time I realised my mistake, I was already well advanced in the making of it.  So by all accounts I shouldn't have had nearly enough wool to complete this project but somehow, just somehow, I managed to make it!  I did shorten the length but I like it like that.

The pattern is a free one by Garnstudio
Actually if you're looking for patterns either for crochet or knitting
there is an incredible selection of free patterns offered on this website.

I think once I wash it, the wool will relax and it will lengthen a bit anyway.  I was really having a mad dash with this and filled my evenings with trebles and shells.  It went really quickly.  Just a few days and it was finished.

These are not the right buttons and that's why they're not sewn on but it looked better for the photos.  I need to find smaller ones that will fit between the trebles as there are are no buttonholes as such.

Yes, I enjoyed making this very much.  Happy bunny.  :-)

Best wishes,

Friday 11 March 2016

"Broomstick Lace" Handkerchief Edging Completed

That's it.  It's done.  It's been an interesting experience and it's given me ideas... which was a good reason for tackling this edging.  It's not "perfect" but I like it.  It's something a bit different.  If I was doing it again, I would probably put a few extra stitches in the second and third rounds to give more space to the loooong picots.  I have also made a video of this last round which I will be uploading very soon.

The corners in particular are a little "tight"
and could definitely benefit from a bit more room.

Definitely a technique I would use again.  I also liked that it was an edging made with chains only which meant needing only one shuttle and also no need to rewind as you work which makes it quicker to tat.

Best wishes,

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Round 2 in Progress...

I'm having slight doubts as to whether I'm liking this next round...  I think the long picots look slightly "disorganised".  I will persevere nonetheless and make it to the third round and evaluate then.

It looks quite different when those long picots are joined... doesn't it?

I thought the chains would be more curved
whereas they nearly make a straight line all around the hanky!

Maybe I'm going to need to block this
and pull on the picots as I'm doing it?

I made a video of this second round,
if you'd like to see it,
it's here:

And for a bit of fun... do you fancy seeing me compete against Lisa Gentry who is the Guinness World Record Holder for fastest crocheter??

Here it is!


I managed 29 and her world record is 28!!

I had no idea if I was fast or not with my hook,
so I thought it would be fun to try!

It was just for a bit of a laugh :-)
.... mind you I'm impressed with people who could do that in front of other people
I found it stressful enough sitting by myself, trying to concentrate
yet stay relaxed enough to keeping the crochet flying smoothly!
I could never do it in proper competition circumstances I don't think.

Best wishes,