Tuesday 15 March 2016

No Time Crochet Cardigan

After I completed the hanky edging, there was some turquoise wool in my stash that was shouting my name really loudly...

I fancied tackling a crochet garment and I looked around for what I thought would be the right pattern... something a bit lacy but also with a good shape.  I chose this pattern but I only had 9 balls of Red Heart Fina dk in the "Dragonfly" colour way.  Crochet does use up more wool than knitting... and what I thought was the yardage required for the pattern actually turned out to be the weight of the amount of wool required... but by the time I realised my mistake, I was already well advanced in the making of it.  So by all accounts I shouldn't have had nearly enough wool to complete this project but somehow, just somehow, I managed to make it!  I did shorten the length but I like it like that.

The pattern is a free one by Garnstudio
Actually if you're looking for patterns either for crochet or knitting
there is an incredible selection of free patterns offered on this website.

I think once I wash it, the wool will relax and it will lengthen a bit anyway.  I was really having a mad dash with this and filled my evenings with trebles and shells.  It went really quickly.  Just a few days and it was finished.

These are not the right buttons and that's why they're not sewn on but it looked better for the photos.  I need to find smaller ones that will fit between the trebles as there are are no buttonholes as such.

Yes, I enjoyed making this very much.  Happy bunny.  :-)

Best wishes,


  1. This is truly lovely :) Yours look much better than the original one!

  2. Oh how pretty! I love how the collar picks up the bottom pattern. Gorgeous color!

  3. Very pretty! I haven't crocheted a sweater since my granddaughter was a baby, and she'll be 14 this June. Maybe I should try again.

  4. love this! very pretty and feminine!

  5. Lovely colour and great pattern, just right for summer.

  6. What a beautiful sweater - it I so delicate and it's such a pretty color. It is the perfect thing for spring and summer.

  7. I absolutely love it. Both the pattern and the color are gorgeous.


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