Saturday, 9 April 2022

More Medallion Collar

After the final round of the bottom edge of the collar, I had to figure out the neck edge and firstly the two pieces added on at the ends of the collar.  I debated whether to find a way to incorporate those two pieces into the subsequent rounds rather than having to do them separately and cut and tie for each but in the end, I kept them, again because I want to respect the original as much as possible.

However, I didn't like the way it felt a bit "unfinished" to me.  So I added an extra ring and an extra chain to fill what looked like a gap on my collar.

Please ignore all the messiness around the neck edge where I've been testing different options but if you look just at the two ends:  on the left is exactly as per the pattern and on the right is my modified version where I've added an extra ring and an extra chain.  I could have maybe added two extra chains... but that's what I went with for now.  Probably if I was making this again I would do the double chain to keep more consistent with the rest of the design where all the chains are doubled on the bottom edge of the collar.  But I suppose I was trying to add the minimum possible!

Just three more rounds and the collar will be done!

Best wishes,


  1. Oh yes, yours does look more complete. You’re doing a great job there.

  2. That’s the problem when working on ‘somebody else’s’ design - there are always options to ‘improve’ and I understand why you feel you need to stick to the original, BUT in this case, I feel that what you’ve done to that right hand side makes it a whole lot better and would tempt more people to make the pattern. The left hand side looks ‘unfinished’. Stick with your version.

  3. So very beautiful!!! :) I like your "finish" of that edge. ;)

  4. I prefer the right side. It looks smoother and more finished. I think those picots on the left side would tickle my neck!

  5. Beautiful. I like the changes you've made. It looks like you skipped two picots on the last join instead of one, maybe it's the angle.

  6. wow - this is so lovely. beautiful tatting.


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