Friday 24 June 2011

Second Jan Stawasz Doily - 7th Round

Making progress.  I've just finished the 7th round of my ecru doily.

It wasn't lying completely flat at this stage so needed a light pressing.

I never like it when it doesn't lie flat, I always wonder if my tension is different
to the designer's, if I've pulled my chains too tight or not enough...

 But I do like the look of the little flowers under their arches.

The eighth round is a repeat of the second round motif and there are 25 of them.
Back to work!

Best wishes,


  1. It's lovely- I like the flowers in the arches too!

  2. Beautiful so far, it looks like another large doliy.

  3. Have you tried Best Press for blocking tatting? I LOVE it! We even had success with it on a doily that my friend was carrying around that was quite crumpled.

  4. Hi Ginabea, what is Best Press? I shall look it up.


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