Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Bit More of the Same...

But not quite...  Here is the motif from the previous post.  I tried with a variegated but am not happy with that.  I'm showing you anyway.  The beauty of the design is lost with the too contrasting colour changes which I often find is a problem with variegated.  That's why I like gently variegated, subtle colour changes which allow the design to show through whilst keeping the colour an interesting element of the design.

Anyway, here is the first version:

This is tatted front-side back-side (FSBS) all the way through and I even "posted" the shuttle (passing it through the ring from front to back before closing it) on the Josephine Rings which I think gave them a better shape.

I had to do it again in plain colours.  But I did make a few changes on the next version.  In the pattern, the centre rings are attached through a long picot on the first ring but I decided to use two small picots on each ring for joining instead.  I also wanted to attach the Josephine Rings as I found they were moving about a bit too much.  I ended up changing them to small rings and attached them to the chains from the previous round and this is the result:

I'm happy with having attached the small rings as this didn't need any blocking or pressing whatsoever.  I think you will see this again in the next post as I will make it again in different colours and will make those small rings a bit bigger in the next version.  I like the look of the centre better and I generally like the look of this little motif a lot!

I've also not forgotten what I said in a previous post about redoing the centre of the small SCMR mat with two shuttles instead... well, I don't like it.  It looks a lot better with the SCMRs.  Even with the shoe-lace trick (SLT), I couldn't get the same look as with the original.  The centre motif on the right of the picture is uneven because I tried different things within the same motif.  So I have my answer and self-closing mock rings (SCMRs) are absolutely great in this instance and give that nice star shape to the centre round.

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  1. Isn't the Flower with Josephine Knots interesting. Jennifer showed the opposite side as her "viewing" side. The chains of the first round stand out more as a flower. You are using the other side as your front side and this gives almost a celtic look in the blue and gray colors. Just beautiful!

    1. Hi Marie, I'd not even noticed that she was showing the other side on her pattern! To me it seemed the "obvious" side would be this one so it's an interesting comment.

  2. J'aime votre deuxième version avec les picots au lieu du grand picot central et puis les anneaux joséphine attachés rendent mieux aussi!!! Vous êtes une pro de la frivolité!!!

  3. I like the second colour way than the first one, its a very pretty little motif,
    The third picture I like the pattern and I am sure you will find the way you like it in time. Well done with the slight variation on the first motif

  4. Your motifs are beautiful!! :)


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