Sunday 4 November 2012


Here is another motif from Jan Stawasz's book.  

a bright mix of fresh greens.

Jan likes to use lots of decorative picots.  These are getting lost a bit with this (gently) variegated thread.    But the overall shape is still very appealing.  I found it reminiscent of Mary Konior's masquerade with the same oppositely curving chains on the outside.  Did one inspire the other?  Which one came first?

In fact, it's so similar on the outside round that I used the border of Jan Stawasz's motif to make a border for Masquerade on a small doily I made last year:

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  1. It looks lovely! Your tatting is superb and the colours are very appealing. :)

  2. I really really love how the greens worked up!
    Also, I've been wanting to try the Masquerade motif, Maybe, I'll actually do it soon.
    I don't know though, I've been enthralled with the idea of edgings lately. I don't know if I have the stamina or will power to actually finish one though. No harm in trying though right?

    1. Absolutely Jess! Go for it. In fact I was thinking myself that I'd not done any edgings for a while and I feel a hanky coming on...

      Masquerade is lovely, simpler than the Jan Stawasz motif but so elegant I think.

  3. Both motifs are lovely, and I can't say that I like one more than the other. I do have an uncommon fondness for Mary Konior's designs. I guess I should take the time to tat one of Jan's designs to make a true comparison.

  4. I chuckle to wonder if the tatting police would have been stringing up shuttles left, right and centre, quick to pounce, if these two designers had simultaneously published their work and there been Internet coverage afoot... : ))

    p.s. Stunning representative motifs of both designers from your talented shuttles!

  5. the motif is really beautiful, but I prefer the one with more colours. shows the clovers inside better. the doily is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Jan Stawasz creates beautiful motifs and patterns napkins.

  7. Mary Koniors designed her patterns back in the 70/80's. I have no idea when jan stawasz designed hers but they do look similar, today like Fox said the tatting police would be out in force looking at the books and checking which came first.
    Love Mary's pattern and have all her books but I have not got any books by Jan Stawasz, she's on my long wish list.
    Your motifs are beautiful, and your doily is gorgeous,

  8. Fabulous pieces of tatting there!!! :)
    I love the colors you used!!! :)

  9. Lovely, frivole!

    I do not care who made them first. I am grateful both published them, and we can all learn from them.

    Thanks for the comparison, though. I remember when you made that matt - I love it!

  10. When you tat his patterns do you use his method. I was looking at it and to me it is confusing.

  11. I definitely prefer Mary Konior's pattern to Stawasz's . . .much more visually appealing and balanced and much less "fussy and fiddley.

  12. I suspect Mary's came first, especially after seeing Stawasz's heart that was just a replication of MK's with minor changes.

  13. I love your doily! Now that I am armed with the magic loop technique, it should be a happy experience.


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