Wednesday 27 April 2011

Rosy Ironbark Bookmark

I know many of you will see this post at In Tatters as well but here it is too.  Karen Bickerton has just made available this new pattern of hers and the proceeds go to help the flood victims in Australia.  I really liked this pattern as soon as I saw it, the flower tassel particularly appealed to me.

The colours are a bit washed out on this photo, the pink is brighter "in person".

Makes a nice change for a bookmark.  I like it!

Now must go and get some jobs done...

Best wishes,


  1. Very nice indeed. And I agree with you: the tassel is absolutely adorable. A real flower. Very pretty!

  2. Super joli et le rose et le vert formidable!!!

  3. It's beautiful! I hope I have the time to start mine this weekend. Maybe I'll even finish it! ; )

  4. Doesn't take too long to do but I did need a few goes at it! For some reason, I couldn't get my head around the diagram and kept getting it wrong! Sometimes I need words as well as diagrams...

  5. Beautiful and its a lovely pattern. well done


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