Saturday 9 April 2011

Another Idea in Progress

My head is so full of ideas it will burst at the seams!  Sometimes I don't know where to start as there are too many things I want to try and I don't know what to start with.  So as you can see, I often have multiple projects going on.  Some get finished if I like them enough, others remain as little experiments.

Anyway, I started on this border last night as I have an idea in mind for it.  I hope it works out and that I can show you the finished item.

I like it a lot.  I has those "opposite direction" chains which always appeal to me.  It is from "The Tatter's Treasure Chest".

On a different note, I have a word of caution regarding "Finishing on a chain".  I used it yesterday to finish a bookmark but then made the mistake of trying to attach a twisted tail onto the picot of that last chain... well that picot pulled out!  Tragedy!  I need to think more about that problem before I can discuss it further and think of a solution.

The sun is shining, it's another gorgeous day here in the UK.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Best wishes,


  1. I think I need to take a look through some more of my books! This is a lovely edging. Your tatting is always so precise, something I greatly admire!

  2. Yes - precision is definitely your strong suit!

    This is very nice. I agree with you about the 'opposite direction' chains. They really add to the design here.
    Fox : )

    P.S. I love the "Iris" pattern! I am not as bored as I sound on tat-ology!

  3. Beautiful edging, I know exactly what you mean about finishing on a chain, same thing happen to me a few weeks ago.
    Yes we are enjoying gorgeous weather over three days of sunshine, must not speak to quick it might spring and summer all in one here in Somerset.

  4. Truly a lovely edging. Does the pattern have a corner too?

  5. Thank you! Tattingrid, no there isn't a corner for it... but I don't think it would be too difficult to make one.

  6. Excellent looking edging! :)

  7. Un hermoso ribete, y disfruta los días soleados.

  8. I bought The Tatter's Treasure Chest. Edgings are my passion. I did many edgings in crochet over the years before I recently turned to tatting. It's all your fault. 😌 Once I saw your video ... the one with the red background and the Victorian doily I was hooked. I knew I had to try tatting again.

    1. Hi Jan, yes, lots of nice edgings in there. I hope "it's all my fault" in a good way! :-))


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