Tuesday 28 February 2017

Magic Square Completed... and Socks

Here is Robin's Magic Square completed.  The smallest version.  Very clever.  I like the whole idea.  I hope to have a go at it myself eventually.  Robin's version is very nice.

I suppose I could also just make more of this version and join them together to make a larger piece.  That would look nice too.

And here are my blue socks (the pair before the pair I'm currently working on).  I liked the lace stitch which may look complicated but was an 8-row repeat which was easy to memorise.  I knitted those two at the same time on one long circular needle.  The pattern is Horseshoe Lace Socks by Christina.

I've rediscovered my love of wearing hand-knit wool socks.  In the cold winter days, they are very cosy and warm in my shoes.  The only problem is that I can only wear them with my "bigger" shoes as they are thicker than ordinary bought socks.  

Best wishes,


  1. Pretty blue socks! The magic square is very effective.

  2. Wonderful socks! You definitely have to buy some bigger shoes:)

  3. Muy bellos los dos trabajos. Besos.

  4. Wunderbare Socken. Ich trage Zuhause nur selbstgestrickt Socken anstatt Hausschuhe. Machen schöne warme Füße.

    Das magische Dreieck von Robin Perfetti ist Ihnen wunderbar gelungen. Ich bin mit meinem Magic 2 beim 3.Mustersatz. Auch dieses gefällt mir sehr gut. Das Muster ist gut zu arbeiten.

  5. This is among my favourite knit patterns ! And such a pretty shade of blue. The square is superb, too.

  6. Great square!!! :)
    Love the blue socks!! :)

  7. Gorgeous both items are fantastic you are so talented!

  8. Beautiful magic square,
    Beautiful socks I love the pattern and colour


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