Thursday 16 February 2017

Small Doily....

Well, probably just a coaster really.  The lace is a couple of inches wide but the centre is about the size of a coaster. I'm going to find a small bit of fabric and sew the lace onto it.

It measures 5.5 in across and the centre is about 2.5 in wide.
Made in size 20 thread.

It was a beautiful sunny spring day when I finished it so I couldn't help going outside to photograph it in the sunshine, next to one of the first daffodils of the new year.

... and on top of a crochet blanket I've been working on.
I always like pink and green together.

I'm making good progress on that particular blanket.
I have finished all the squares (victorian lattice square by Destiny Wymore)
and am now working on the border.
Looking pretty with the sun streaming in through the window...

And lastly I made a start on another tatting project.
Not got very far yet but here's my beginning.
I like the shapes already.
More about this in the next post.

Best wishes,


  1. Very pretty! I agree... the pink ad green do look nice together. That's a beautiful afghan pattern! Are you working on a square motif? I seem to have squares on the brain these days. :-)

    1. Yes! Well spotted Diane, it is a square (I always have square on my brain I think!) :-) Just published the next post that shows more of it.

  2. Makes a lovely tatted frame. Your blanket looks good too. Isn't it early for daffodils?

    1. Daffodils do start quite early in our part of the world... We get snowdrops in January and then daffodils and crocuses are not too far behind. :-)

  3. It's a very lovely start. I'm looking forward to the finish. = )

  4. Beautiful doily, lovely blanket and I wonder what you are tatting with the lovely colour and start of whatever

  5. Your small doily is so very beautiful!!!! I love that fascinating design!! :)
    Your green blanket is stunning!!! :)
    Can't wait to see your finished project!! :)

  6. Every is very beautiful and the coaster is so pretty I love this design 🌹

  7. Ihr kleines Deckchen ist wunderschön geworden. Die grüne Decke ist auch wunderbar.
    Bin schon auf das neue fertige Projekt gespannt

  8. How beautiful the lace has turned out !I can see a mirror in the center of that lacy frame ;-)
    Quelle patience on that blanket !

  9. Beautiful pink doily :) I create tating too :) please, visit my blog


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