Tuesday 7 March 2017

Experiment Concluded - And More on Tiny Doily

Ok, two-socks-one-inside-the-other...  the idea is clever.  I really had to try it.  I did try it.  I made it to the heel and I started work on the heel.  It's "do-able" and I now understand how it works BUT, to be honest, I wasn't enjoying it.  You have to concentrate all the time to make sure you don't mix any stitches at the risk of joining your socks together and I also found that tension was quite a bit looser, well, not looser really but because your stitches are spaced apart by another stitch, it results in quite a different knitted fabric.  I didn't like it for socks.  I felt it lacked the usual "bounce" of my regular knitting.

So I'm sorry, I didn't take a photo of how far I got because all of a sudden I decided to frog back nearly to the beginning and knit them again two-at-a-time but side by side instead as I prefer to do.  Apologies to Jane who wanted a verdict on the method but I didn't make it to the end!  I guess the verdict is that, for me, it wasn't worth the extra effort.  :-)

These are not particularly pretty socks, I just wanted to use leftover wool.  I added a small cable and a decorative diamond in the centre of the cream part to keep it a bit interesting.

I ran out of the plain blue as I got to the ankle so I carried on with
other leftover wool.  As I said, not really pretty
but they will be functional, keep my feet warm,
and use up all the little bits of wool.

I can't make up my mind yet on my favourite heel.
These are short-row heels though I also like knitting gussets and flaps.

And lastly, back to this small tatted piece which needs a centre.
I tried it with fabric but I'm not happy with the result.
With such a small circle, it's really difficult to get it looking really round.
I tried my best to fold it neatly down and hand sewed it before stitching it with the machine...
but no, not really happy with that.
Perhaps I should crochet a centre?

Best wishes,


  1. I not sure if my comment went through. But love the socks.💟🌸💟 And wonder if you could just a little row of rings in tatting or some crochet work to the very edge of the cotton to correct the imperfections on the circle so the eye doesn't rest on it, hopefully you know what I 😄💟😄

  2. Great socks!!! :)
    As for your doily, maybe you will have to do something like Robin Perfetti at Tatting by the Bay does and design a center, like when she designed her doily from the outside in. Either way, I love the tatting!!! :)

  3. That's a perfectly valid conclusion, thanks! I also dither about which is the best heel. Cozy handknit socks, lovely. You could make the fabric circle a little bigger and then lap the tatting over it a bit so that the edge doesn't show.

  4. I have never knitted socks so I can't judge on the methods you used, never heard of knitting two socks together, I would have done them like you as two separate socks on one needle as I do my sleeves that way so the increases are all the same.
    I like your doily I can understand why you don't like the fabric, as I can't crochet I woukd have knitted a middle.

  5. My method? 10 size 2 bamboo short dpns. Knit 5 rows on one, then repeat on the other. I like the little needles, but I also like to get both done at once. :)

  6. I wonder if you could use freezer paper that quilters use to get your circle perfect. I've only seen it being used, never tried it myself.

  7. Looks to me like you have 8 points. How about designing a center! Just find some center you like with 8 repeats. Make it a bit like the outside rings for a round or 2, the you could do a sort of onion ring for a couple of rounds .. as many as needed until you can join up to the bottom picots of the existing part.


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