Friday 31 March 2017

Necklace and Blanket

I made two little strips for my daughter's choker.  To be honest, I was disappointed she only wanted something so small!  I was looking forward to making her something a bit more complex and intricate.  Oh well...

(I might still make her a sneaky wider one... and present her with the choice...)

There's a black one and a navy blue one as she wasn't sure which dress she'd wear yet.  And some ribbon to tie it on.

And I forgot to show my son's blanket which I finished recently.  This was a while in the making as he wanted a full bed-size blanket!  No colour scheme for him, he just wanted all and every colour, no order, just... COLOURFUL!

I  enjoyed making it for him and to be honest, I was delighted he was so keen to have one of my crocheted blankets.  He was using it even before it was finished!

Best wishes,


  1. Both chokers are simple elegance!!! :)
    Love how colorful that blanket is!!! And apparently it is already appreciated!

  2. Muy lindos trabajos. Las gargantillas muy elegantes. Besos

  3. I love the chokers! How nice that your daughter has a choice. Your son's blanket is glorious with all those fabulous colors!

  4. The blanket of s gorgeous! T)3 chokers are great, I like the wider one.

  5. Sweet chokers! I love, love, love your colourful blanket!

  6. I love the blanket, so colorful. Nice you have a daughter that ask some tatting <3

  7. Ich liebe die bunte Decke.
    Die beiden Halsbänder sind elegant. Sehr gut gemacht

  8. I can see why your son is so happy with the blanket. It's stunning and it looks so comfy!


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