Sunday 2 April 2017

You win Diane!... I surrender!

Diane has been producing an impressive collection of these pretty, colourful ice drops.  I'm a bit late joining in the fun but I finally HAD TO MAKE ONE!!

I didn't have anything suitable as a "gem" for the centre... all I was able to find that was large enough was a pale blue button.  So I made it into a little lucky charm for my son to attach to his backpack as he was leaving on expedition this morning.  Didn't like the buttonholes so I added a smile to turn them into eyes for a happy face (if a little crooked!).

... but see what just arrived in the post...

I might just be making a few more!

What a trend you've started there Diane!
They're rather appealing.
Thank you!

Best wishes,


  1. I LOVE your new gems! It is addicting, isn't it? That Diane is a creative one!

  2. Haha! I love that little smile! I'm guessing you'll soon get bored with the basic pattern and come up with some fabulous adaptations. I love your cabochon assortment!

  3. Welcome to the ice drop addicts, i do like the way you turned a button into a smile, I love your collection of cabochons,
    I agree with Diane it won't be long before you start designing your own patterns with tgem.

  4. I love your shipment what fun you are going to and have had💟🐥💟 I gave in to the addiction too😄

  5. Diane is such an enabler..... I love these!!!

  6. Welcome, welcome! The water is lovely and warm... your beads are stunning, can't wait to see what you make!

  7. Awesome!!! :) They look fabulous!!! :)
    And what a cute idea to add the smile!!! :)


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