Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas Pudding....

.... earrings!  My daughter and I had fun making these yesterday.

And I finished two more hats.

Can't stop long,
so much more I want to make.

I bet you are all really busy too now that December is just a couple of days away!

Best wishes,


  1. Great earrings and hats!! :) And fabulous snowflake!!!! :)

  2. Love all of these projects! Cute earrings, and the hat pattern is very versatile!

    I thought I'd pop in again re Continental knitting (thanks for your reply to my inquiry). Even knitting expert Elizabeth Zimmerman hated purling in Continental so much that she mostly knitted 'in the round' to avoid it! Of course, she couldn't avoid it in ribbing! I'm just mentioning this to let you know that you are not alone in disliking the awkward purl stitch You might be aware of something called 'Combined' knitting where the knit stitch is made in the back of the stitch rather than the front, and then the purl stitch can merely be flipped into place. (This is popular in some European countries.) I've often wondered why knitting started out with knitting into the front of the stitch as 'standard' rather than into the back.

    On a blogging matter, when I tried to comment here using Internet Explorer, I couldn't do it, but I switched over to Chrome and obviously made it through. Just mentioning it in case others have this problem with the IE browser.

    1. Hi Kathy, yes, I've tried "combined knitting" too which does make the purl stitch easier... and it's a good question you pose about knitting in the front vs knitting in the back of a stitch. Anyway, I do think I've had a go at most of the different knitting methods and felt the "flicking" way was the most efficient for me. But I'm still open to suggestions and always looking for ways to improve speed and efficiency. :-)

  3. Lovely hats! I hope those splendid pudding earrings would show below them.

  4. Gorgeous hats, Fabulous earrings, you are on a roll.

  5. Fantastic workmanship & lovely variety displayed :-)

  6. Lovely hats and earrings! I just read Kathy's comments about purling in Continental knitting. I guess I've never thought about it much. I did read about combined knitting the other day, but I didn't do much investigating... something else to tease my brain, I guess! Good luck with all your Christmas projects! I already feel like I'm falling way behind!


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