Wednesday 23 November 2016

A Bit of Fun

Someone in our family really loves dachshunds!  So when I saw this pattern for a mug cozy, I just had to make it for him as a little Christmas present.

I didn't have the right cup to put him on
but he should look something like that as a mug cozy:

I'm pleased with him
A satisfying and quick crochet project.

Now I'm onto another knitted hat (the fourth one so far).  

Best wishes,


  1. Wow!!! You did an awesome job!!! That should make someone's Christmas brighter and a great big smile should be seen!!! :)

  2. Ein wunderschönes Geschenk und ganz toll gemacht.
    Da wird sich ihr Freund bestimmt glücklich sehen.

  3. My, what will they think of next. Nicely done.

  4. Świetna praca. Piesek jest słodziutki.

  5. He's great, for someone who loves those dogs that should be their best present and it will keep their drink warm. Great pattern

  6. Amazing and so cute! I have to ask what you used for the nose!

    You asked about our projects. I have to admit that it's all I can do to write our Christmas letter and get our cards addressed and mailed. I'm no longer as creative as I used to be. During the season I'll be wearing sweaters that I made years and years ago

    But we have two tatting events coming up this weekend - Saturday at Vicary Mansion and Sunday at Old Economy Village. The other two gals make things to sell, and I just bring my displays, including the Victorian dollhouse and 4' Christmas tree which has my tatting on it. Plus many of my tatted items from over the years. I do love chatting with the visitors and making sure they know that tatting is not a lost art, and is modern indeed, especially in jewelry making. And you really can't have enough tatted ornaments! Of course, I direct them to the internet, as I have my tablet with me! I sometimes show them your video of how rapidly you tat, with that lace draped over your hand!

    1. Hi Kathy, first time trying one: it's a plastic animal nose, specially made for this purpose. It has a piece that holds it in place from the back. Worked out really well. Will be using them again (although I don't make that sort of thing very often).

      Nice to hear about your tatting events... I bet your tree with tatted ornaments looks wonderful.

  7. That is adorable!!! Must make some for my dog loving girls :).


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