Friday, 11 November 2016

11 November...

... is the day for remembering.  

It's also the day I wear one of my favourite tatted thing:  this poppy, designed by Jennifer Williams.

I made it a two years ago and it's a pleasure to retrieve it from my drawer of tatted bits, steam it back into shape and pin it to my coat.

I finished the hat for my son and have just bought wool to make a second one for my other son (he asked for "robin colours").  I'm thinking I might even make a couple more for Christmas gifts for other family members.  

Best wishes,


  1. I love that poppy pattern, and the hat is wonderful!

  2. The poppy is just the perfect piece of tatting to wear today. Cute hat, love those cables.

  3. The cable decreases are perfect! Seems like it would be fun to knit. I like the turned up ribbing, too, with a very neat edge.

  4. Your poppy is gorgeous! I should try it!


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