Thursday 3 September 2015

Another Bag

I have been using my little black bag a lot.  As I mentioned before though, I thought I needed one in another colour… teal is always high on my favourites list.

Here is the interesting crochet stitch I wanted to try.  It's from a bag pattern by Creative Yarn Source called "Splendid".  For some reason it took me many goes to get this right but I got there in the end.

This bag will be a little bit bigger and I'm now wondering what sort of closure I will use for it.  A zip again?  A flap?  A metal closure?

I did get some nylon cord but I'm not enjoying working with it at all.  It feels like rough rope to crochet with.  I've put it to one side for now and am making this in an acrylic double knitting size yarn.  It's smooth and nice to work with and I'm hoping it will wear better than the cotton I used for the black bag.  Time will tell.

Best wishes,


  1. That is an awesome looking design!!!! :) Love the color too!!! :)

  2. Very nice work and your pattern is great, I was wondering your opinion on that nylon thanks.

  3. Beautiful stitch & adorable colour !!!
    I had used nylon cord to make a macrame purse in school - hated it. The cord was part of the reason I never went back to macrame - it only I had used jute threads

  4. I love that pattern! I think this will be a beautiful bag. The nylon is tough to work with, but it wears like iron.

    1. Oh yes, I'm sure it would wear well and stay smooth… it's just not very nice to crochet with! I might try again with a different hook.

  5. Das wird eine sehr schöne Tasche! Sie gefällt mir jetzt schon und ich bin gespannt, wie sie fertig aussieht.

  6. An interesting stitch. Looks as though it will be nice and firm, good for a bag.

  7. Looks lovely and beautiful stitch, love the colour

  8. Le point est vraiment très joli, et la couleur lumineuse. J'adore !


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