Friday 7 August 2015

There's been lots of interesting comments on my previous post - thank you for contributing everyone!

Kathy wrote a great comment about how she has been "rolling" her shuttles to rewind (or just to wind) for years!  You can see what she wrote in the previous post.  I tried it with standard Aeros and it works just great.  I only thought of that with these new shuttles… when someone had already been doing this for years!  Thanks Kathy!

That's one reason why I enjoy writing a blog - people get involved and you find out about all sorts of things, techniques, and tips.  And I always like it when a good discussion gets going...

I'm about to start the last round of this doily! Yeah!  I tatted the penultimate round with my prototype shuttles… mmmm… improvements still need to be made but I think it could work eventually.  I find the back end a bit too long with the hook on it.  I need to change the shape so that I can shorten the back but I still need to have a hook.  It's difficult because I can only work with modifying what I already have.  What I'd like is to be able to create the right shape from scratch… but from what material??

Here is the doily with the two rounds of split rings completed.  There is a problem though… I changed the shape which is not like the original in the book.  This means I don't have the same number of split rings, which means that I won't be able to make the last round symmetrical!!  Oh no!  I hope it will look ok but I don't know at this point in time and until I start to tat the last round.

In a moment of madness, I decided to enter our Village Fête competition which is this Sunday!  Can I finish this by then?  The heat is on...

Thinking ahead… I tatted this motif in size 10 thread which would be part of the design I'm thinking of making next.

Best wishes,


  1. I loved Kathy's idea & your idea about reverse stitch.
    Immediately tried to do it with my Pony shuttle. Wasn't successful Only because I have to stuff the bobbin to get some tension otherwise it is quite free-spinning. And the 'stuffing' is not always optimal ...

    As regards the hook on your prototype ... is there any way it can be made retractable ? That would reduce the length of the shuttle .
    Your doily is looking superb. It looks fairly complete even at this stage - nicely defined octagon. Eager to see how you tat the last round .
    All the very best for the competition :-)

    1. Hi Muskaan, I've just been tatting with my Aeros and rolling them using a piece of craft foam taped to the top of a hard box (as Kathy suggested, though she uses the back of a mouse pad) and it works really well! Much quicker than rolling back with your thumb.

      Yes, a retractable that's exactly what I'd been thinking… but how to make one?… hopefully if the shuttle was shorter, that might work fine with the hook there, even if not retractable.

    2. Thanks, Frivole .
      I tried again, this time on my spectacle case. If worked Splendidly but only for those where the bobbin was optimally free. On one shuttle, where it was too 'tight', it just wouldn't budge. But, it is a Great idea & I will definitely use it whenever the bobbin is not being a mule :-D

      As regards your prototype..... is it possible to sandpaper the back edges till it is conforms to the size you have in mind ? Or very carefully chip away till you get desired size, then sandpaper for smoothness. I don't know what material it is.
      Maybe a wooden shuttle would be a better candidate for your 'frivoshuttle' (isn't that what Karen aptly coined ? ).

    3. Hi Muskaan, the problem is that the back edge is what holds the shuttle together so I can't cut into it very much at all. I could shorten the other side more but then I get a problem with the angle… the bobbin has to go in the widest part of the shuttle otherwise the sides of the bobbin touch the inside of the shuttle where it narrows down to the point and then the bobbin isn't free to roll. Not sure if I'm explaining this very well…

  2. Your prototypes look very interesting! Since my biggest problem with bobbin shuttles is rewinding the thread on to the bobbin, I think I will try the rolling suggested by you and Kathy. Perhaps I will fall in love with my bobbin shuttles for more than their beauty!

    1. Hi Diane, I certainly don't want to start a bobbin vs post shuttle "war"… but I'm curious to know why you dislike rewinding onto a bobbin… it seems to me to be quicker than having to rewind on a post shuttle, one click at a time? No? I'm always happy to be proven wrong! :-)
      But rolling definitely is quicker than winding onto the bobbin with your thumb.

    2. I think that because I've been using a post shuttle for so many years, I'm able to shorten or lengthen the thread without even thinking about it. I can really do it fairly quickly! Since I don't use the bobbin shuttles as frequently, I just haven't developed my technique. As a result, I am much slower. I do love the convenience of having the hook right there on the shuttle.

  3. Your doily looks wonderful!!! :) Your start of your next project looks great!!! :)

  4. Your doily looks beautiful and a master piece, good luck in the show.
    Looking forward to seeing progress with your new project

  5. Sunday! Yikes- no time for little green motifs! Good luck- it's gorgeous!

  6. What fun! You WILL finish on time!

    Oooof! Size 10!!!

  7. One possible way to get the exact shape you want, with a retractable hook is... get in touch with your favourite shuttle manufacturer and ask them to make it! Why not? They have all the technical skills and plant and machinery etc and you have a great idea!

    New! The Frivole Shuttle!

    Very few new tatting shuttle designs ever come along and pretty much everyone who ever works in heavier threads would want this in their shuttle collection.

    I've got loads of shuttles (like most tatters I suffer from SAS) but would still want a pair of these, at least. With your name on the design I know that it will have been designed with a tatter's needs AND wants all catered for. Hey everyone - HONK your horn if you like this idea...

  8. Awesome doily or tablecloth.
    Looking forward to see the green motive turning into a new project.


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