Saturday 15 August 2015

Filet Crochet

Away on holiday… found a bag in a cupboard that contained a piece of crochet I had started some time ago.  It was nearly half done.

The thread is DMC Petra.  I don't even remember where I got it from.  It is nice and soft and pleasant to work with and the crochet slides smoothly in and out of the stitches.

It didn't take me too long to complete.

I think my tension worked out slightly differently on the second half than what I had worked previously but hopefully it's not too obvious.  It's a traditional rose design.  Looks a bit crooked in the photo but it's more due to the angle of my camera.  The work itself is not that crooked! :-)

Next I need to finish the last round of edging on the Jan Stawasz piece which is nearly done.

Best wishes,


  1. Lovely filet! Love the rose. Is the left side you recently done side?

  2. My last crochet project was around 2000 when I made two throw pillows for my nieces. I crocheted their names (following a chart) in a rectangular 'band' which I put diagonally on each velvet pillow - like a sash. The girls are now in their mid-20s and one is married. I wonder what happened to the pillows! Have to ask them; thanks for reminding me! Filet crochet is so versatile in design possibilities, and the Rose is a classic! Perfectly done, as usual!

  3. Very well done, its beautiful.

  4. Beautiful, well done on finishing something you found, it's so nice to finish an UFO, and now you have a beautiful mat to grace your table.

  5. Beautiful! I used to do a lot of filet crochet, but not much since I discovered tatting. Maybe I'll get back into it some day.

  6. Beatiful filet crochet. I have so many patterns for it,but will I ever make any? Good for you for finishing.

  7. You are a lady of many talent. Beautiful doily.


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