Tuesday 18 August 2015

Little Black Bag

Another crochet project was next to be completed.  I really wanted a little black bag.  I decided to crochet one in cotton.  I used the pretty "star stitch".

Made the base in single crochet because it makes a nice firm fabric and then carried on in star stitch.  I decided to close the bag with a zipper and made a row of shells around the top opening.  

I lined the bag to prevent too much stretching and also so that very small items wouldn't work their way through the crochet stitches.

I sewed black ribbon on the inside of the shoulder strap, again to prevent it stretching too much when the bag is full.

I also made a plastic base which was inserted into the lining to help the bag keeps its shape.

I'm pleased with it.  The only thing is I'm finding this cotton a bit too "fluffy" and it won't look sharp for very long I don't think.  Perhaps a crochet handbag would benefit from being made with a yarn that has more synthetic in it.  What would you guys use?

I'm now thinking I'd like one in another colour….

And I'm nearly there with the Jan Stawasz!  Should be able to show you very soon.

Best wishes,


  1. I think it is beautiful and never thought about the fluffyness of the fabric, this sure looks good though :)

  2. I like your bag. I need to look up this mysterious "Star Stitch".
    As a kid, crocheted a number of handbags with cord I found at the hardware store. More recently, there is a synthetic cord at Hobby Lobby. The synthetics wear better, but they are harder on your hands when you work with them.

  3. Looks really elegant to me. Can't comment about the cotton you used but can imagine it might 'pit' after a while. But as you say you can always make another one!

  4. I love your bag! Like StringyDogs, I like the cording I've found at Hobby Lobby. The brand I use is Omega, and I believe it's nylon. It is hard on the hands, but it holds up very well.

  5. I really love his bag -it would be great to have in a few different colors ;) I agree - a synthetic thread might stay nicer longer.

  6. I like your bag and the star stitch. I used a firmly spun cotton thread to crochet a bag. I've been using it for a year, so far so good, it doesn't look scruffy. I also bought one crocheted in a synthetic thread that certainly did wear well.

  7. I really love your bag, great pattern and just the right size

  8. Très joli sac ! J'aime beaucoup le point étoile, j'avais fait un tuto sur mon blog, et le patron d'une housse de portable.
    D'après ce que j'ai testé, le coton est ce qu'il y a de plus "rigide", c'est ce que j'aurais choisi pour un sac. Très jolies finitions en tout cas ^^

  9. It doesn't surprise me that this bag is put together beautifully! You have many talents. Love the scallops!


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