Monday 10 August 2015

I failed...

to complete this doily for the Village Fête.  I was being slightly optimistic I think, with all else that is going on but it was not such a great tragedy.

I managed to get about two thirds of the way around the edging…
but by Saturday night, it was clear I was not going to make it.

I decided to enter another Jan Stawasz piece instead.  I made this a while ago but I hope it was ok to show it at the Fête as it I had never been "seen publicly" before.  This is probably my favourite piece of tatting so far so I was pleased to be able to show it.  This is only the second time ever I've participated in the Fête (we are usually away at this time of the year) and really, I mostly like to do it because I think it's great to get tatting as much exposure as possible.   Most people who see it don't know what it is.

The doily did well.  I'm delighted.  
And I just hope it inspires other to have a go with shuttles!

A lady at the show was telling me that she had started to learn some years ago but then had abandoned and couldn't quite remember how to do it but she'd be pleased to have a refresher.  The lady at our local wool shop then said it might be a good idea to have a tatting morning in her shop so we'll see.  I might yet get some local people tatting!

Best wishes,


  1. Exquisite !!!! Elegance personified. Congratulations :-)
    Congratulations, for winning, as well as getting potential tatting students !
    The triangular motif border looks lovely too .

  2. Congratulations, for winning. Both very lovely.

  3. Kind of a 'teaser' title! Wow - the 'perpetual cup' as well ! All's well that ends well, although you could have had a less stressful time trying to finish the other one! I'm glad you had a backup piece, but no doubt you have several items in the wings. I believe this is the doily that's on your excellent video showing your speed with the slip/slide method of tatting. It would have been amusing if you could have had that video running, showing the doily 'in progress'. I always love the way you have the doily draped over your hand! Looks like there have been over 244,000 views!

    And possibly some new tatting classes on the horizon in the community! Another 'win'! Congratulations!

  4. Wow, congratulations!! It's outstanding work, an excellent advert for tatting in the wider community.

  5. Congrats Frivole! On all aspects: the tatting, the prize, the community interest.

  6. Your top doily looks wonderful!!! :)
    Your display one is so elegant!!! :)

  7. Congratulations :). It is gorgeous :). No surprise that you won first prize :).

  8. Congratulations! It's pretty exciting that you have inspired others to get in to tatting! I love that doily, and I do plan to tat it some day.

  9. You have the MOST BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS. I am still mesmerized by your videos and your techniques. I have no doubt you deserved 1st place. Congrats!

    1. Thank you very much! How is your own tatting coming along?

  10. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

  11. Congratulations on your win, two beautiful pieces of tatting, I hope the local shop will allow tatting lessons, looks like your display has put tatting on the map in your area. I have done a tatting day where I sat in the cafe area and tatted, I had several ladies who came up and tried it on a couple of shuttles I had perpared, I start again with lessons towards the end of September.

  12. Ca serait vraiment super une rencontre !
    J'ai rarement eu l'occasion de frivoler avec d'autres, c'est un grand plaisir à chaque fois !
    Ton napperon de Jan est absolument merveilleux !

  13. Congratulations. The first prize was well deserved for such a magnificent piece.


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