Thursday 5 February 2015

Viktoria Earrings

I saw these earrings on Emilie's blog (one I hadn't visited before) and got the link to purchase the pattern by Emelie Zakh .   Emilie's version of these earrings in pink and grey is very pretty.

I have used overlapping rings (such as in my butterfly) but I was curious as to how the centre with all those extra beads was done…

In fact it turns out that the extra centre beads, the hanging loop and the dangling pearl are all added afterwards with beading needle and thread.  No matter.  I do like these earrings very much.

The pattern is all diagrams and photos, no written explanations apart from a list of supplies.  I did not have any C-Lon micro cord as recommended and I do not know how the size would compare but I used Lizbeth 20.  What I found on my first attempt is that the earrings were going to turn out way too big for my taste.

Earring with original stitch count on the right

I also do not like working with large rings as I think they do not behave well when closing them and tend to twist and look uneven in their curve (fussy me!  Or else I'm just not good enough to make it work!).  Anyway, I started again and reduced the stitch count by a whole 14 stitches on the large rings and by 10 stitches on the small ones.  They are still "large" earrings but I'm happy with them at that size.  The advantage of tatted earrings is that even if they are large, they remain lightweight and easy to wear.  The beads and pearls add just enough weight to make them hang nicely (and have nice movement which I also like) and the overlapping rings give the tatting enough body for the earrings to keep their shape when worn.

When I completed the first one, I realised that the diagram did not match the photos:  on the diagram, the dangle and hanging loop are attached between the rings whereas on the photos of the finished earrings, they are attached at the tip of rings.

Earring completed as per the diagram

I undid this one (just the dangle and hanging loop) and re-attached at the tip of the rings but actually, both versions are nice.

This pattern is definitely a keeper,
and one I will make again I'm sure.

And to finish, I have to share with you a birthday present I recently received from a good friend of mine… ah she knows me well!  Look at this beautiful rolling pin!  Isn't it just gorgeous?

The only problem is…

Here's the second batch of biscuits I've tried to make using the pin and I lose the beautiful decorations upon baking.  Can anyone recommend a recipe that would work well for keeping the imprints when cooked?  It would be most appreciated.
Thank you!

Best wishes,


  1. Your pattern adjustments worked out very nicely, and the colors of the beads really complement the earrings. I keep meaning to learn how to make overlapping rings. It seems like there would be a lot of fun applications in designing.

    1. Hi Robin, yes definitely, overlapping rings are great and not difficult at all: make two rings, make a third and join it to the first and the second one will lie on top. Simple. :-)

  2. So lovely, gorgeous earrings! I love the rolling pin, beautiful! My grandmother's which I use, has a few "divots" but I don't want those to appear!

  3. Your earrings are gorgeous!!! :)
    And your rolling pin is stunning!!! :)

  4. Die Muster der Ohrringe sind sehr schön gearbeitet. Herrliche Ohrringe.
    Das Nadelholz erinnert mich an die Springerlesformen und Rollen. Es sind Anisplätzchen, welche gern zu Weihnachten gebacken werden.

  5. These earrings are lovely and very trendy!
    Alas, just consider this pin as an object of desire. When you bake, dough rises, so the the decoration are gone. It does work to decorate butter, just before you put it on the table.
    But it is nice and looks like lace!

    1. Oh no! I can't be defeated that easily! There MUST be a recipe that will enable me to get that lovely, lacey pattern onto perfect and delicious little biscuits… :-)

  6. love the earrings your tatting is always superb. I love the rolling pin but have same problem, I found this sight table let me know if it works :)

  7. The earrings are beautiful, especially in that colour. Perhaps the original pattern was meant for a smaller thread.
    I hope your next cookies come out well!

  8. Beautiful earrings! I do love your rolling pin. I have one that I use to make Springerle cookies. I also have several Springerle molds. The cookies are delicious, not too sweet and very pretty! Here's the link to one of my favorite Springerle sites:

    1. I love Speculaas and tried all sorts of things before I came up with this recipe that works really well for me and holds impressions quite well. My molds are deeper than the rolling pin, but they could be worth a try.

      Megan’s Speculaas Recipe

      Spice Mixture - all ground:

      19.5g cinnamon
      6g cloves
      4.5g nutmeg
      3g white pepper
      6g aniseed
      3g ginger + 1 extra tbsp
      1.5 tsp cardamom (these are the 5ml teaspoons)
      1.5 tsp mace

      Mix together well and keep in a sealed container.  This much mix should be enough for about 6 batches of dough.


      167g flour
      100g butter - softened a little.
      50g raw sugar
      50g soft brown sugar
      1tsp baking powder
      1/2 tsp baking soda
      2 tbsp milk
      Pinch of salt
      2 tbsp spice mixture.

      Put all ingredients except milk in a bowl and rub the butter in thoroughly - it should look like breadcrumbs.  Add the milk and mix into a non-sticky but pliable dough.  Chill. (I put it in the fridge for a couple of hours).

      Roll out thinly (about 4mm thick) and cut into rectangles or fancy shapes if you don't have a proper mould.

      Bake at 175 degrees C for about 20-25 minutes - start checking after 15 minutes and turn the tray if the ones at the back cook darker or faster than the ones at the front.

      Cool on a wire rack and keep in an airtight container when cold.  If you don't and you leave them out overnight they will soften.

      I tried making them thicker but they don't go all nice and crispy all the way through, which is disappointing by comparison.
      They are easier to undercook than you think and I had a batch that I realised was underdone once they had cooled.  I put them back in the oven for a while longer and they came up beautifully.

    2. Dear Megan, you're a gem!! I will be trying your recipe and reporting back.

    3. Good luck! I forgot to mention that you'd roll out with a plain rolling pin and first and just go over once with your pattern pin at the end. I've seen similar rolling pins for putting impressions in fondant icing for cake decorating too and it might be worth playing with it with one day if you're going to ice a cake or biscuits with fondant anyway...

  9. Fabulous earrings. Yes, I think earrings shouldn't be too enormous. I love your rolling pin. The patterns do show on your cookies a bit, to make them more decorative than plain ones.

  10. J'ai pas mal vu de versions de ces boucles d'oreille ces derniers temps et les tiennes sont très jolies ! J'aime beaucoup les couleurs. Désolée mais je ne connais pas de recette qui pourrait te convenir. J'espère que tu trouveras très vite :-)

  11. I like your choice for the hanging and bobble placement. It goes more with the shape of the motif (IMHO).

  12. I do enjoy your amazing work and attention to detail.
    I like that you evaluate patterns you get and basically give a Review on the product.
    You provide very helpful information for those that follow. Tx, Robin

  13. Beautiful earrings :). And that rolling pin is awesome!

  14. Me gustan mucho, sobre todo el color. Gracias. Muchas bendiciones

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