Wednesday 25 February 2015

Quick Gift & Fractals

Here is a very very quick little gift I made for my mother-in-law.  It was the lovely hand cream I was giving her but then I thought it would look nicer contained in something… so I crocheted the case - in treble (or double for US readers) stitches - it would have been nicer in double (single) crochet for a tighter fabric but I really had no time at all to complete this as I had the idea at the very last minute!  I thought she could then use the case for her reading glasses when she has used up the hand cream.

Of course it needed a little decoration… so I had a look in my box of tatting where I have quite a large selection of tatted motifs and medallions and chose something for it:

Really not a great piece of crochet
but just an idea to use up one of your little tatted motifs.

I made this little square a while ago
and it can be found on Ninetta's blog.

The next thing I want to talk about is… fractals.  I love fractals.  These mathematical equations produce wonderfully intriguing, colourful, organic shapes that repeat themselves.  The thing is, I want to learn how to make them myself!  So I got a program… phew!  It's a very steep learning curve!  I find the program not very user-friendly containing lots of obscure names for equations and variations.  It might take me a crazy amount of time to get to grips with how it all works but here is my first creation.  Rather hit and miss it was and I got there by accident rather than intent.  Anyway, I decided to save that one before messing it up.

I've seen so many amazing fractal images… I just hope one day I'll be able to create some of my very own.

Best wishes,


  1. Quite nice!

    i played around with some free fractal programmes back when you made a coupke of fractalized shuttles for me. They weren't as difficukt as the one you have, it seems! Look around. There might be some more straightforward stuff out there. : )

  2. Nice case for her and lovely little motif, you may not be happy with the motif but she will love it as you made it.
    Gorgeous shuttle amazing work, if this is just a play piece then when you get used to the program who knows what you will come up with

  3. love the tatting on the bag very cute! and the shuttle is impressive too!

  4. The bag is a great idea! Maybe I'll try making some for my Christmas giving next year. Fractals are fascinating. I've played around with a few free programs, but not enough to learn anything. It will be interesting to see what you design!

  5. Eine hübsche Tasche mit dem kleinen Motiv. Das Schiffchen gefällt mir gut. Wenn das nur eine
    Probe war, wie wird dann erst das perfekte Bild. Ich wünsche viel Erfolg

  6. Can't get my head around fractals, but I think the baggie is a super idea. Handy to have tatted motifs waiting too.

    1. Oh yes, I have LOADS of little motifs I don't know what to do with! And if you don't crochet you could make a super quick little bag on the sewing machine too.

  7. WANT THAT SHUTTLE. BAD. You are amazing!

    1. Oh great! Thank you. I'm glad you like it! I'm hoping to make more new images very soon too.

  8. I love fractals, too .....As a former geometry teacher I was especially interested in their geometric properties (more so than the equations). An intereting geometric property is that they are self similar....that is each small part is geometrically similar to the whole so to speak.


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