Saturday 28 February 2015

Next Project...

Apart from my favourite teal and turquoise,  another colour I like wearing is RED.  Bright cherry red makes me happy.

While I was away in January, I started on a crochet cardigan.  The back and fronts are all done in one piece and then you just need to add the sleeves.  The only problem was that the pattern was written for short sleeves and the pieces are crocheted sideways (the back and fronts too).  A short sleeve is just straight but a long sleeve has to be tapered to the wrist.  I tried picking up the stitches around the armholes and crocheting down but the stitch is then worked the other way and I didn't like how it looked.  So I had to draw the whole sleeve on a piece of paper and just try to follow the shape as I go, increasing repeats of the motif where necessary.  This is my third attempt at making the sleeves!  I hope it works out right this time.  I'm feeling hopeful.

So here is it, in progress, I'm about halfway through the first sleeve.  I also added a collar that wasn't in the pattern so it can be worn up as in the first photo, or turned down as in the second, for more of a jacket look.

I really like the stitch.
The texture, and the look of it.
It also grows fairly quickly as it's trebles.

Not sure what closures I will use on this but all of a sudden I'm thinking that tatted frogs could look quite cool.  What do you think?

Something like Marilee Rockley's tatted frog closures:

I think they could look rather interesting on this jacket.
(Does anyone know if they're in one of her books?
I do have two of them but I can only locate one at the moment).

I could also make some of my own, using a motif
that I like and just adding an extra loop for the button.

But first, I must get those sleeves done!

Best wishes,


  1. This is lovely! Can't wait to see the finished cardigan. I hope you find the frog closure pattern - it would look wonderful on this.

  2. It is lovely! I like what you did with the collar. Good luck with the sleeves.

  3. Love the jacket. The frog closures are in the very lovely book "Up and tat em". They are fun to make and very pretty.

    1. Thank you - I know I have the book, I just can't find it at the moment!

  4. Es precioso y un lindo color y puntada.Besos.

  5. What a beautiful design of that cardigan!!! :)

  6. That's a pretty complicated project - staying in pattern and doing all that shaping on the sleeves and collar! Beautiful color and versatile changes to the basic design. And a lovely and unusual 'shell' pattern. The frog closures will be the perfect touch! Knitting and crocheting have evolved quite a bit in the last few years, with new yarns, techniques and patterns.

  7. Beautiful ! Love the stitch ! And I like the collar 'up', like a Chinese collar or Indian bandhgala ! Thanks for sharing the process :-)

    1. Yes Muskaan, the up collar reminded me of a chinese collar so that's what made me think of the frog closures to complete the look.

  8. That's a beautiful shade of red, and I love the stitch you're using! I'm afraid I'd give up if I had to figure out a different sleeve, and then there's the added collar. I'm impressed! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. Joelle I feel your pain. I do hope you get the sleeve worked out. You've put a lot of work into this and it will be beautiful when finished. I also like the frog closure and I think it will complement the design well. Hang in there...

  10. I think its a great idea, I know I have seen the pattern and I will have a look for you.
    Lovely cardigan, love the colour
    Thank you for your help the Daffodil is now on my blog,

  11. It 's wonderful and I love the frog closure, beautiful


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