Thursday, 12 February 2015

Wanting to Wear It

Aaaaah!  Frothy coffee… and tatting?  No, not at the moment.  It's frothy coffee and knitting.  I've decided to concentrate my efforts on this to get it finished so I can finally wear it.  So I'm temporarily putting down my shuttles until I complete this cardigan/jacket…  well, that's the plan anyway.  You know I easily get side-tracked!

I have now finished knitting the second sleeve so I have both fronts and both sleeves done and I have started on the back piece.  I had the lace panel mostly completed too but it's proved surprisingly tricky to knit; I've already had to unravel it once and it looks like I may have to unravel it again!  Drats.

The colour is more accurate in this second photo.

Wish me luck please, or speedy fingers, or no side-tracking or something like that.  Hopefully I will have this finished before I post again (… maybe?… hopefully?…).  That's the plan anyway.

And last night, I made a batch of Green Relish.  We really like green relish but it's impossible to find here in the UK.  I love seeing the jars with their new labels, ready to be put away in the cupboard.

Best wishes,


  1. Your knitting looks beautiful!!! :)

  2. I agree with sue your knitting looks lovely,

  3. I find that a good cup of coffee helps me to knit more quickly and with greater accuracy...or so I tell myself, because I can't keep away from the caffeine or the knitting, both. :)

    1. :-)
      … and what are you knitting at the moment Jane?

  4. Did the people at the party comment on your red earrings? i had compliments again today; I was wearing your earrings!
    Good luck with you nice petroleum blue sweater!!
    What is green relish? Is it Indian or Canadian?

    1. Sadly not :- (
      But I'm very glad to hear you're getting compliments on yours!
      I think green relish is probably quite North American. It's certainly very easy to find in both Canada and the States.

  5. Your knitting looks beautiful.. That's one thing I continue to avoid learning - I'd never finish anything if I started knitting too ;) And the relish looks delicious ...

  6. Ein sehr schönes gestricktes Muster. Wird bestimmt sehr schön.
    Eine Tasse Kaffee hilft immer. Auch bei Occhi.
    Das grün Relish ist bestimmt sehr gut.

  7. What a glorious cup of joe! Looks like Italy to me!
    And the knitting is beautiful. I completely understand what you're doing, I'm on a knitting tear right now but have a tatting project in mind that I'm itching to do! No shuttles until this glove is complete!

  8. Like that sweater! I'm going to do a bit of easy knitting for a tatting break myself.


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