Friday 4 July 2014

Tatting Bag & More Crochet

I had a lovely gift from Tatting Jeanie (the lady who makes the Magic Loops) - it's a bag to put all my tatting stuff in.  There are loads of pockets, and flaps and elastics to slip things in.  I like the fabric and look at that beautiful strip of roll tatting!

Roll tatting is a technique I need to work more on.
Last time I tried it, I was finding it difficult to
keep it all smooth and uniform.

It was quite hard to show all the pockets in one photo!
I will be putting it to good use when I'm travelling this summer.

Thank you Jeanie!

And to keep with that colour scheme, I was lacking some red for my wardrobe and made another crochet top in rich, bright red.  Perfect match to a pair of shoes I have.

This is another design by Doris Chan.

In her book, she uses these button closures which
I thought were very clever!

You just attach two shank buttons together
(here with beads on the thread)
and then you can slip the buttons in any hole
of your crochet top.

So you can change the look
and button at the top or middle,
or wherever you like.

Such a great idea.

And lastly, I started another "big" project.  I found some very inexpensive yarn and found myself inspired to tackle another blanket!  

I will be travelling this weekend though and will be taking my Jan Stawasz project with me so hopefully a bit of progress will be made there too.

I hope the sun is shining for you, wherever you are.

Best wishes,


  1. Very nice bag!! :) Beautiful top!!! :) Looks like a great start to your new blanket!!! :)

  2. Great tatting nice blue color and use of tatting techniques! And as always your crochet work is wonderful!

  3. I love red! - which book is this one in? - she seems to be a most prolific designer!
    And the new blanket is going to be very modern in those colours, it's a technique I have never used, so I will be interested in watching it's progress.
    Happy travelling!

    1. Hi Maureen, it's in the book "Everyday Crochet" by Doris Chan. All the designs in the book are top-down which I really like because it means you can adjust for fit as you go.

  4. I love the bag! Maybe it's the fabric, or the tatting, but it does look like the perfect travel bag.

  5. Have a happy holiday, frivole! With your red cardigan and lovely tatting bag plus mtching shoes, you will look lovely!!

  6. Love that red top! And it matches your tatting bag as well as your shoes.

  7. I love the bag it's so beautiful.
    After your comments on Jeanies magic loop.
    I e-mailed her and she is putting one in the mail for me and is e-mailing me the instructions. I hate to bury ends in knitting but it's worse in tatting. Thanks for passing her contact info along.
    Your sweater is very stylish.
    And the funnest thing about a project is starting it...
    Have a great holiday.

    1. I hope you like the loops, I'm using them more and more and I think they're great!

  8. Love the bag, what a lovely surprise,
    Lovely cardigan, great colour,
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,

  9. You're really crocheting up a storm! Love the shape and red color, and so cool to put the buttons anywhere. I like your addition of the beads over the thread!

    You probably have the blanket finished already! Great colors - and a yarn sale! Perfect!

    The traveling bag is awesome!

  10. Lovely projects, that button closure on the red top reminds me of making cufflinks with two buttons when I needed some quick. Do men still wear cufflinks?


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