Tuesday 22 July 2014

Too Hot?

Phew!  We're having a bit of a heatwave here in the UK… is it too hot to crochet?  Too hot to tat?

Of course not!  Though I must say I tend to limit those activities to evening when the temperature has cooled a bit.

Here is the progress made on the new crochet blanket.  I'm making it even longer than the Granny Square one.

This is a project that really doesn't require much attention so is perfect for when watching a movie.  It's made of two-round strips that are joined together at the third round.  I have just five colours for this one and I was going for a random mix of the four colours surrounded by the darker blue.  Actually I'm now sorry I didn't use the same arrangement for each strip instead of the mix I have here.  Ah, live and learn!

I've hardly spent anything on this yarn though so I don't mind that it's not quite right.  It will be just one more cosy blanket to wrap around ourselves when autumn comes...

The next one will definitely have a more formal colour arrangement.

Best wishes,


  1. I think your new blanket looks terrific!

  2. The dark (black?) accent really makes this afghan pop! I'm curious about the pattern. It seems you are crocheting the strips together with the dark color after you tat each strip. It's a plus to find inexpensive yarn and to combine colors in such fun ways! And a great way to create something useful while watching TV!

  3. La Frivole ayant tattée tout l’été,
    Se trouva fort déporvue quand la bise fut venue.
    Elle alla crier ‘j’ai froid’, chez la Renarde sa voisine,
    Lui priant de lui prëter une fourure por subsister.
    J’usquà la saison nouvelle, je vous paierai lui dit-elle
    La Renarde lui sourit et dit:: ‘Vous étiez frivole?’ ‘Eh bien, tricoter maintenant’!!

    Free after La Fontaine

  4. I like your choice of colours and the way you've used them, no one else will have one like it!

  5. So pretty pattern!
    I love these stripes:)

  6. Yes I am having the same trouble, but it have been in a very hot nursing home, managed to knit the cloth I am doing all day when I sat with mother, the next day I sat and tatted, with small breaks in their garden, it's been lovely to have the nice weather, but hell to try and do anything.
    Beautiful blanket coming along.

  7. Very pretty. I like the color variations.

  8. I love tatting for hot weather - no lap full of yarn. Bit cooler today in my part of the UK, thank goodness!


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