Monday, 14 July 2014

Pattern Revisited and Progress on Stawasz Piece

I had not made my little leaf since coming up with the One-Stitch-Self-Closing-Mock-Ring (1SSCMR).  The 1SSCMR is great for making a pointy chain (as seen in my Snow Crystals pattern) - I now also use this technique for making my little pea pod.  So I decided to tat my leaf again and use the 1SSCMR for the point instead of the small R4 I had before.

I couldn't help myself and started playing with the stitch count as well while I was at it and seeing if I could improve the centre bit of it.

It's still a work in progress.  Can't decide if I prefer two small rings at the top on the inside or one single ring.

I will update the pattern when I've made up my mind!  :-)

And progress is slowly being made on the Jan Stawasz piece.

This has not been pressed at all and lives in my handbag
(ready to be taken out for a few stitches at every opportunity!)
so is slightly crumpled.

Best wishes,


  1. Wow, Both leaves work well & can be chosen as per design/project requirement. However, I prefer the even rings' leaves a bit more. Their shape is more natural & free-flowing.

    Your tatting, as always is simple gorgeous - love the doily ! Really, no crumpling is visible :-))

  2. Yes, I agree. Both leaves are nice and could be easily used together. The Stawasz piece is looking amazing!

  3. Love the leaves actually they are both look like leaves and I like them both, I can see both working for different projects
    The Stawasz mat is looking beautiful, and it looks like you ironed it before taking the photo can't see any evidence that it stays in your handbag.
    As always your tatting looks lovely

  4. Oh, I love your little leaves! I have 2 from you and turned them into earrings!!

  5. The pointed end for the leaf is really great! I think I like the two ring version more than the one but have made probably 30 with the one ring so it's still great. : )
    Your JS doily is outstanding- if I ever finish the Quatrain, I will dive into that book with abandon!

  6. I love both your big and your small pieces! Any idea yet just how big the Jan Stawasz piece will grow to be?

    1. Hi Grace, no, I can't make up my mind about it yet! I'm not even sure whether I want to go square or rectangular. Also, at the moment, I'm at a different angle to what's in the book so the edging wouldn't fit this design, I'd have to modify it so I need to think about that too.

  7. Leaves are beautiful and natural looking, Your mat is lovely and lays so flat. Will be interested in seeing what the finished piece looks like.

  8. as always amazing :)

  9. Both styles of leaves look wonderful!!! :)
    Your mat is amazing!!! :)

  10. The leaves are so pretty. I love your little peapod. You sent me one when I bought a shuttle it's exquisite.

  11. I love both leaves :). Your doily is gorgeous too :). Love seeing progress pics :).

  12. I am in awe at the variety of needlework projects you work on. You go so easily from one project to another and finish them rather quickly! And you're always looking for new techniques. It's useful to know how to create a 'point' in a design. All the leaves look fine, however!

    The doily is looking so spectacular! It could be 'finished' with just a few more motifs, to give it a total of three 'diamonds' on the top and bottom and one on each side. I'm fascinated with the open spaces and the different shapes that blend so perfectly!


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