Friday 15 July 2011

Motif Squared

Couldn't put that one down...  so I carried on and made three more.

... and I still like it a lot!

I'm going to play with the stitch count a bit as it doesn't lie flat (particularly the centre flower) which I did make smaller on one of the motifs (upper right).  It's not a very quick tat - the tiny rings are a bit time-consuming but I really like the contrast in texture they offer.

I can feel a few more of these coming on...

Best wishes,


  1. Gorgeous- although if *you* don't think it's a quick tat, I would take me forever! I'll just admire yours.

  2. Me too - and I thought when I got through the hankie there would be some easy tatting....Dream on!

    What thread did you use for this? It looks terrific.
    Fox : )

  3. It looks so pretty! :D I absolutely love it!!!

  4. This is very very pretty, I love them joined together like this :)

  5. Thank you very much for your comments. I did make one more motif today and it seems to work out better with a slightly smaller inner flower.

    Fox, the thread is one I discovered recently whilst in France. But found I could buy it here, online. It is DMC Babylo. It is softer than the Lizbeth but very nice to work with. Glides nicely for closing rings. It is 100% cotton but three-ply rather than six and not so tightly twisted. It is also considerably less expensive than the Lizbeth (for me in the UK anyway). They come in 50g balls instead of 25g. And they seem to have a nice range of colours.

  6. the whole thing is a beauty. i can see why you are going to carry on, and tat some more!

  7. I love it, its gorgeous, I also think the flower in the middle needs to be slightly smaller the right top looks the best.
    Sorry I have not been around over the last couple of weeks so I am trying to catch up. well done on your recent tatting.

  8. This is beautiful! I like all the negative space, as well as the design.


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