Saturday, 23 July 2011

Jon's Rose Window

After some longer projects, it's nice to tat something quick for a change!  I had a ball of Lizbeth Wildflower Garden I wanted to try so when Jon kindly offered us her new pattern, Rose Window, I thought I would make it in that new colourway.

Thank you Jon!

I think it's a lovely pattern though I'm not sure I like the variegated thread for it.
It's an unusual mix of colours and I'm undecided about it at the moment.

This will probably go into a coaster to offer as a gift.

Now though, I need to work on those "blipless joins"...

Best wishes,


  1. Well, it certainly caught my attention! Nice! I don't mind the variegated thread here...
    Fox : )

  2. Wow! That looks really nice! It reminds me of an antique carousel. :)

  3. I've saved Jon's lovely pattern to tat one day, too. I think it looks so nice in the varigated thread you chose.

  4. I am sitting here completely speechless! I was about to comment on the magnificent Jan Stawasz doily, but first had to catch up on your MANY posts since your vacation(amazing!), and then I came back to see this NEW post about Jon's beautiful Rose Window pattern - another on my list to do! I think these colors are fine!

    The doily is BREATHTAKING! I can't even imagine attempting it! I'm wondering about his technique - he seems to put the picot between the 2nd and 1st knots? I haven't quite understood it, but his designs are spectacular. Did you follow that method?

    Your video of your tatting is FABULOUS!! I love that you use the 'slip and slide' method and also a bobbin shuttle (Aero?) with a hook. To me it's the 'only' and most efficient way to tat, and you certainly prove it here! I've never done THAT large a project, so to see the gorgeous doily draped over your hand is SO impressive!

    I plan to take my new netbook to our next demo (indoor event in August) so that I can show visitors how the internet and blogging have brought tatters together around the world! I'd love to show your video!

    I'm so impressed by all the projects you've completed just in the past few months! Your Quatrain pattern is so versatile! Your tatting is exquisite!

    I'm so glad I found your blog a few months ago, thanks to Fox!

  5. The colours remind me of early autumn, colourful and cheerful at the same time. Lovely.

  6. I really love the new colorway and the pattern - and they work together extra well!


  7. it reminds me of stained glass, it is really stunning, you did a beautiful job. very nice :)

  8. Very pretty! I have the pattern printed out, but I'm sticking to my doily for now. I will be tatting this soon!

  9. I'm a big fan of the Wildflower Garden colorway, yet I waffle over the antique carousel (very good description, God's Kid!) effect it gives Jon's Rose Window motif. It IS cheerful.

    I would have to try it with the variegated used for the rings and a solid used for the chains. And then again, vice verse.

    Frivole, your work is outstanding, as always!

  10. I love reading all your comments! Thank you. God's Kid, I particularly like the picture in my mind of the antique carousel, what a lovely image.
    IsDihara, I like your idea, I think I will make it again.

  11. i think the variegated threads work well on this pattern. very cheery colours!

  12. Kathy, thank you very much for your message. I didn't follow Jan's method, I tried but I found it too confusing to keep track of the stitches so I just kept to the regular way of putting picots between stitches as I normally do. I can see his point though. And I do change the way I count the picot, sometimes counting it as the first half of the next ds and sometimes not counting it and starting with the first half of the ds after the picot, depending on where the picot or join is and how I want it to look.

    And yes, "slip and slide" method with an Aero. That's my favourite too. And of course, I'd be happy for you to show my video. If I can inspire anybody with tatting, I'm always pleased!

  13. Beautiful, I like the verigated thread makes tatting more interesting, there are sometimes just the worng colourway but these look lovely. well done

  14. Having another look... It is still gorgeous!
    ; )) Fox


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