Friday, 8 July 2011

9th Round Done!

I'm sorry my tatting is not so varied at the moment...  more of the doily I'm afraid!

Are you bored with it yet? 

This was quite a long round to tat, with 25 separate motifs.

I decided I won't show the whole thing again until I get to the end.
So at least there will be pleasure in the "unveiling" of the finished doily.

I think this 9th round gives it a nice shape and one could decide to stop here,
it's now about the same size as the blue doily.  But I can't wait to get to the
end as I particularly like the shape of the last two rounds.

That's right, just TWO to go!

Best wishes,


  1. Un passo dopo l'altro diventa sempre più grande e soprattutto più bello, sei davvero molto brava

  2. Not bored at all!!! It's really lovely. It's fun to see the progress but the unveiling will be great as well!

  3. Your doily is beautiful! And not boring at all. It will be fun to see the whole thing when you are done (you might not want to see it anymore by then!)

  4. I'm not bored with it... I'm fascinated! I love reading your posts!

  5. Oh great, thank you. I just worry that when you're tackling a bigger project, it might get a bit repetitive for blog readers...

    I've made good progress already on the 10th round just this evening. But time for bed now!

  6. Definitely not bored! Amazed by the beautiful doily!!! :)

  7. Oh yah I am really bored... *yawn*.... .... NO! NO! Never! : )) It is great fun to see this doily take shape. Looking forward to seeing it to completion!
    Fox : )

  8. I'm not bored at all! And the important thing is that *you* are not!

    I think that 9th round motif would be pretty on its own too, I may try +that* sometime ;)

  9. I agree it looks great just as it is. Personally, I really enjoy the updates on large projects. Your excitement about the last two rounds has peaked my curiosity even more.

  10. Wunderschön!
    Lieben Gruß Cornelia


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