Saturday, 24 November 2012

Button Brooches

I was taken with the last button brooch that Jane Eborall showed on her site (the one tatted in Sea Island Citrus).  It grabbed my attention with its lovely colours and layered effect.  So I went for a forage in my button box and was disappointed to find that I had very few large buttons.  But I had these big mother-of-pearl ones which I hoped would do the trick.

For this brooch, I grabbed the first thread and beads I could find just to try out the pattern really.  So the colours are a bit random and the beads aren't very good beads, not uniform in size.  I added another small button in the middle at the end (Jane used a large bead).

In fact I enjoyed making it so much that I made a second one straight away where I was a bit more careful with my bead and thread choices.  I used delica beads this time which are smaller than the ones I used in the brooch above.  I recently purchased Lizbeth Charcoal (Med) which I like a lot and hadn't tried before so I used it with some Lizbeth Silver.

On this second one, I tatted an extra small flower for the middle with a crystal bead at its centre.  The dangle is made of various beads with a semi-precious fluorite nugget at the bottom.

These brooches feel lovely with the extra weight of the button and the beads - they feel.... substantial!

I thought the variety of colours showed a bit better in this sideways photo.
And you can see the layers and the button.

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  1. Lovely, well done on just throwing a few beads, couple of buttons and a bit of thread together

  2. Well, thank you, but I've no merit really Margaret, it's Jane's great pattern that brings it all together!

  3. They are very lovely! I would love to see a pattern for one. I find I'm not especially creative as yet and need some direction, even general ones. Does Jane have a pattern for it? I love them both, but the second one is really is especially nice.

    1. Yes Carol, the pattern is on Jane's website. Really lovely. I'm sure you'll enjoy making one yourself.

  4. Great idea to add the small button - why didn't I think of that!!!! Also love the smaller flower in the middle too. More to come along these lines next week so keep looking for smaller buttons about 1/2" in diameter!

  5. They are great, I'm addicted to them as each one can look so different with various buttons, threads and beads. I added small buttons to the first ones I made from a previous pattern that Jane wrote.

  6. I love it!! I was showing mine off today to some of my family!
    Yours are much more impressive than mine though. I especially love the gray and purple. So pretty! :o)

  7. Back again for a look at that medium charcoal - very nice. I also like the bead combo you choose for this. It has stayed with me all day! I suppose I must have a one-tat mind. : ))

  8. WOW what a gorgeous brooch BRAVO I really must have a go....I must agree that Jane is a master her heaps
    Joy in OZ

  9. Vraiment très très belles!!!! Le choix des couleurs et le plus de petites fleurs sont superbes!!!

  10. I have seen them on Jane's site and they look fantastic and I love what you've done with them. I really must try it!

  11. Great job! I really like them!

  12. These are wonderful! You're again moving way too fast for me! And Jane is moving at warp speed. I wouldn't mind but she is my age, and I feel like a slug!

    I finally bought some No. 11 beads and am discovering that special techniques are required for loading them on both the shuttle and ball threads. It took me all evening just to get the hang of it! And I'm making great use of my size 15 crochet hook. Adding beads definitely slows me down, but I was delighted with the effects of my little sample. Now I have to try the pattern 'for real!


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