Sunday 15 October 2023

Holly Snowflake

Thank you so much to my testers, Lavinia, Hallie and Jane who've helped me put the final touches to the pattern by checking that everything was clear and that there weren't too many mistakes!

We had some discussion about what acronym to use for unflipped reverse order stitches... UROS?? I see RODS used on internet but I wasn't completely clear whether for people that was just reverse order stitches or indeed unflipped reverse order stitches?  In the end, I decided to just spell it out to avoid any misunderstanding.

I suppose this one is a bit more unusual in its shape but I think a lot of people would be surprised to see in what an amazing variety of shapes real snowflakes come!  I'm adding the photo of the real snowflake that inspired this design below so you can see it again.

Photo of Real Snowflake
by Wilson Bentley

At Muskaan's suggestion, I tried the pattern with bugle beads (see below) but the silver ones I chose are not that noticeable (should try again with a different colour) but in the end, one of the things I particularly like about this pattern is the two delicate lines made by those long picots so I thought it was a shame to hide them inside a bugle bead.

Below is Lavinia's very nicely executed version in blue.
Something about the way she made the rings makes it look
a bit more... "condensed"?  I like it.

And here is Hallie's version
(I like how they are opposites:  blue on white above
and white on blue below).
Hallie's version looks more rounded
but also very pretty!

And finally, I placed the ones I've made so far together
to see what it would look like as a repeated motif.

Then I digitally repeated it.
It's not perfect done that way because not all the joining places touch as they should
but it gives an idea of the look.

Is anyone interested in tatting this one?  I will have a draw for 5 copies of the pattern.  Just leave a comment if you'd like to be entered in the draw!  I'll hold it on Friday (20th October).

Best wishes,

P.S. I started answering comments but realised it will be easier to count entries if I don't answer!  So thank you for all your comments, they are all valued but I won't answer individually in this blogpost.  

P.P.S.  I've had so much spam lately that I've reluctantly decided to activate comment moderation on my blog for a while and see if that helps deter the time-wasting spammers!


  1. Beautiful versions and good to have constructive feedback from test tatters.
    I've been using the term RORS or Reverse Order Reverse Stitch just like we do RODS in case of double stitches.

    1. Thanks Muskaan, but the RORS wouldn't be unflipped, would they? And sorry, as Jane mentioned below, I just changed my blogpost as it was YOU who suggested the bugle beads!

    2. Thanks, both of you (I had left the suggestion in a comment in your previous post).
      Anne Orr's 1920s publications use the term 'Reverse Stitch' for tatting the 2nd side of split ring. Which means the RS is unflipped.
      In DS, the sequence of half-stitches is Under, Over; in RODS it becomes Over, Under.
      In RS, the sequence of hitches is Over Under; in RORS it becomes Under, Over.
      Unfortunately there still exists a lot of confusion and/or ignorance about the right terms. Hence it is better to spell it out in a pattern so that every tatter can tat without the need to head out for a search.

      Please put me in for the draw, too. It really is such a beautiful snowflake.

  2. I would love to tat this snowflake. It's beautiful, and looks so much like the photograph of the 'real thing.' Your decision just to write out the unflipped reverse order stitches is great - no possible confusion when everything is spelled out precisely like that. :)

  3. I think the bugle beads were muskaan’s suggestion.

  4. I much prefer the bugle beads as I HATE having to measure picots!!!

  5. Yes, yes, I am interested in tatting this snowflake.

  6. Ah, only my version was shown? Thank you for the appreciation and for the testing opportunity! I really enjoyed making this one and learned a few things along the way. I really like that the inspiration is a real snowflake (and the tatted version is quite a good likeliness)!

  7. I'd love to tat this! Please enter me in the drawing. Love it both ways.. bugle and not. When I first started tatting & heard RODS it was in regards to split rings, so I thought RODS meant unflipped always... good that you're making it clear in your patterns what it is you want. URODS?? Idk...

  8. I would love to tat this snowflake, so please enter me in your drawing. If I don't win, I will happily purchase a copy of your pattern!

  9. I'd love to tat this snowflake - especially since you took the time and effort to make it look so much like a real one! Beautiful work!

  10. It’s one of the most realistic snowflakes I’ve seen, and I would love to win a copy of the pattern! I prefer the picots too.

  11. What a fantastic looking repeated mat!!! :)

  12. Thank you for persevering and coming up with a publishable pattern. I would be honored to receive one of the 5 you're offering. Thank you!

  13. Nice to see you're back to designing snowflakes! I'd probably go with the bugle bead version, and add a matching seed bead on the outside rings

  14. I like the detailed instructions, like Unflipped Reverse Order Stitch. No question how to do it then!

  15. Beautiful! I always love your snowflake designs!

  16. I like both versions, with or without the bugle beads. It is a beautiful pattern and I would love to entered in your drawing for a copy. If I'm not one of the lucky winners, then I will look forward to purchasing a copy.

  17. I also like the detailed instructions. I usually have to write out what the abbreviations mean. Short memory span. Gorgeous snowflake. We shall see some here in the not-too-distant future.


  18. I really like this snowflake. With or without beads, both look great. Thank you for a chance to get a pattern of this snowflake.

  19. I would love to tat it! I always enjoy your designs.

  20. Wooow I really like tatting but right now I'm sewing and knitting. Lovely work.


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