Sunday 13 May 2018

Bag, Socks, Doily

What a beautiful sunshiny day it is today!  I hope it is where you are too.  With the nice weather, I thought it was time I made myself a new summer handbag.  I like these crochet bags and have made several over the years.  I'm getting near the top now and thinking how I will insert the zip and make the adjustable strap.  I tie a knot in the strap of my other bag when I want it shorter which is not very stylish so I thought this time I would make a proper adjustable strap.  I will also line it to give it more body.

I'm still enjoying knitting socks and have another pair on the go.  Just a plain knit self-striping design this time.  But do you like my stitch marker?  I tested a little "ice-drop" type of tatting design for a friend and I thought it would make a nice stitch marker.

And lastly, I've only managed three of the repeats on the last round of my doily so far.  I really like the shape of the points on this little doily.

Best wishes,


  1. I love the colour of your crochet bag! It looks perfect for a walk in the sun. I'm curious how you will make the adjustable strap. Will it also be crocheted?

  2. I was wondering same thing and thinking leather? Love you socks so pretty and must me satisfaction to place them on your feet. And I think one day I will try this doily it is very lovely shape💗

  3. I love seeing all that you are up to! The color of your bag is perfect for summer. I do like using self striping yarn, especially for socks. Your tatting is beautiful as always!

  4. Fabulous bag!!! :)
    Great socks!! :)
    Cute Ice Drop stitch marker!! :)
    And your doily is beautiful!!! :)

  5. Lovely bag great colour for the summer
    I like your ice drop great idea
    Lovely socks love the colours
    Your doily is looking lovely so far


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