Thursday 17 May 2018

Little Green Bag

I finished my bag last night.  Well, it's not completely finished as I am waiting for a slider for my adjustable strap to arrive in the post.  At the moment, there is a button to hold the strap (which I've just realised you actually can't see on the photos) but I decided I didn't like it and that it would put too much strain on a small part of the strap whereas a proper slider will spread the tension over the whole width of the strap.

I used the star stitch again but this time I didn't do the row of single crochets between the rows of starts and I like it this way for a change.  It's a nice texture and makes for a thick fabric.

I like to insert a bottom in my crochet bags so the bag keeps its shape and this time I went fancy and even added feet!

Here is the zip from the top.  I made a separate rectangular piece so that I could easily machine-sew my zip into it and then crocheted that piece onto the rest of the bag.  I also added a bobble to the zip pull which makes it easier to quickly find it when you want to open your bag as the zip pull is quite small otherwise.

I finished the edge around the zip and the edge the strap with a "crab stitch" (or reverse single crochet).

And finally I lined my bag with some recycled cotton from a bag of old clothes that was due to be taken to the charity shop!

I'm thinking I should write the pattern for this one.  I always improvise every time I make a new bag but I think it would be nice to have an actual pattern I could refer to when I want to make the next one!

Best wishes,


  1. It looks really professional! And covetable.

  2. Your bag is really lovely. The color is so nice and I love the change in texture. All of the finishing details (feet! Bobble, etc) take it from being a nice bag to a wow! I'd buy one in a store for sure!

  3. Wow, the bag is amazing. I love the little touches (the feet look so cute) and how you made it look like it is made in one go. Put that sort of bag in a shop and it will sell in an instant, you can really see it is good quality :)

  4. I love your bag! Wanting to know what yarn you used, hook size and finished dimensions. So, with those questions, yes!...write the pattern. I’d gladly buy it!

  5. Thank you so much for your nice comments everyone! I've never written a proper crochet pattern before (other than making quick notes just for myself) so it would be a nice challenge. I started making another bag for a friend and I'm jotting down what I'm doing as I go so that's a start!

  6. Can't say it any better than what has already been said!!! Wow.
    This is right up my MIL's alley!

  7. Your bag looks wonderful! If you write up a pattern, I know I would buy it!

  8. Thank you again for all your encouraging comments! :-)

  9. It is absolutely perfect! I like the small "legs":)

  10. I am looking for a pattern for a bagg. Among hundreds I've seen so far I find yours really fabulous. Please write up a pattern. I would buy it too.

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