Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Little Crochet Bag - Take Two

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement on my last blogpost.  I have now finished the second bag I was making for a friend.  She likes that sort of khaki green.

I took notes while crocheting it but I will need a couple more samples at least to make sure all the stitches are correct and I describe how to make all the different parts really well.  When you're working for yourself, it's easy to just wing it and improvise to make it fit (especially with crochet I find) but when writing a pattern you have to make sure everything is clear to someone else!

I'm pleased with the sliders for the adjustable straps, they work really well.  I like to be able to wear my bags on the shoulder but also sometimes "en bandoulière" as we say in French for which I don't know the expression in English!  You know, when your strap is on the opposite shoulder to where your bag is and the strap goes across your chest.  I just asked my son and he didn't know how to say it in English either!  Anyway that's why I find an adjustable strap really handy.

Here's the slider for the adjustable strap.
I also made the strap narrower this time which is much better.
For mine I had bought 1½" fittings and slider but this time it's one inch.

I like the way the zipper piece fits in and the shape it gives to the bag top.

Feet again because they're kinda cute!

Because the strap is narrower this time, I couldn't do the crab stitch edging I'd made on mine.
Instead I did a top crochet stitch (like doing chain stitch in embroidery) on two rows
and left the middle row without which gives it an interesting look and also
has the benefit of making the strap more sturdy and less stretchy.

And finally, it's fun to look for the right lining and these bright flowers
on a dark background with just the right shade of green leaves was perfect.

The little bobble on the zipper pull is so useful in practice.
I'm using my own bag now and it's so much easier to open and close the bag with it.
Much quicker to find the right end too!

On my old bag I was always looking for where the end of the zip was.

With all that, not much progress has been made on my small doily but I'll return to it very soon.

Best wishes,


  1. Love this and the surprise fabric inside🍃🌻🍃

  2. Cross body strap perhaps? I think the 'hardware' like the slider and feet really give it a professional look.

  3. Fantastic bag, love the feet and the little touches, well done on such a great job

  4. « En bandoulière » is cross body in English I believe.
    Great idea to make the strap adjustable.
    Your bag looks awesome. Nice work.

  5. Amazing bags! Beautifully done, with perfect details. Haven't seen the 'feet' for sale anywhere!

  6. I would LOVE a pattern for a bad like this!!! It is brilliant!

  7. Another lovely bag! I look forward to the release of the pattern! I purchased feet on Amazon last year. I've just been waiting for the perfect bag pattern. This looks like it!

  8. Lovely bag! And you made it so quickly, it seems. I think your friend will really like it :)


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