Thursday, 2 June 2016

Where Has May Gone??

Time just seems to be zoooooooming by at the moment!  Long time since I posted and no tatting to show you.  Time available was dedicated to exploring micro-macramé a bit more...

And trying to keep up with the crochet along blanket - Frida's Flowers:

I'm now on the 5th element of the blanket:
there are 4 of these called "Heart Rose"

I just completed the first one tonight.

I also managed to finish my blue Ada lace top
and am enjoying wearing it.

So there you go, with all else that's going on, I'm afraid I didn't manage any more tatting for this post.  I still have the project from the previous post to complete, but at the moment, my crochet hook is still shouting louder than my shuttles!

What are you guys up to?  What are your current projects?

Best wishes,


  1. The macrame is intriguing! I've never done it...😊

  2. Great bracelets!! :)
    Love the flowers in your blanket!! :)
    Lovely top!!! :)

  3. I love your micro macrame pieces! I haven't done macrame since the mid 70s, and it wasn't micro. I do have some books on it, so maybe I'll give it a try. The heart rose pattern is wonderful! Just think, if I got into that pattern I could have a bed of roses on my bed! Your blue lace top is gorgeous! I guess I can understand why there's not tatting to show this time! ;-)

  4. Well you sure have been busy with a lot of other crafts! I love those crochet flowers for the blanket. I can see why you are itching to finish it.

  5. All your pieces look amazing! As for me, I did some designing on a Round Robin doily, but otherwise there's been very little action. :-/

  6. Where did may go, no idea it disappeared down the pan.
    Gorgeous bracelets, lovely top, and your crochet is amazing
    Have a good June

  7. Your micro-macrame is exquisite! So is your crochet; you have accomplished so much! What I did in May was spend quite a bit of time in packing kits for upcoming classes and preparing to teach them.

  8. I'm very impressed with your micro-macrame projects. The latest flower motif for the blanket is beautiful. Love the colors.

  9. I'm marveling at the exquisite bracelet designs here! You seem to have jumped right to 'expert' with your first micro macramé projects! I appreciate the effort put into the tutorials on the internet (only a few 'teachers', though), but I have a feeling that you would do a much better tutorial for those of us who tat (hint, hint!) This definitely is like finger tatting, but sometimes I'm confused. The knots aren't as 'obvious' as in tatting, but they ARE there!

    Macramé didn't appeal to me back in the '70s, because it seemed that the projects created with the thick cords were limited to wall hangings, plant holders, or large mesh bags, and you needed half the living room to do the 'weaving' (half-hitches) with the long pieces. The micro-macramé seems more manageable, and the jewelry projects are worth the work, although apparently one needs good eyesight!

    Your crochet projects are also beautiful. The motifs in the afghan are so appealing.

  10. Very nice bracelets! I also have made Angel's Wings bracelet in white:) The blue top is beautiful.


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