Friday 20 May 2016

Mary's Cross

I needed another one.  This time I made Mary Konior's small cross from the book "Tatting with Visual Patterns".  It's quite a bit bigger than Elizabeth's small cross from two posts ago.  Surprisingly, I had to adjust the pattern a little bit and made small changes because it wasn't working out quite right for me (just a stitch here and there).  I like how it turned out.  This cross has a very nice shape and I like the centre part which I find visually interesting where the three rings join together).

And I had a sudden desire to try something new when I saw this bracelet (from a tutorial on YouTube)...  I had the materials so I gave "micro macramé" a go.  What's interesting is that if you look up close you will see that some of the stitches are just like tatting:  the curves around the centre beads are done with "double stitches".  There is one row of plain ones and then two rows of "double stitches" interspaced with beads.  I'm waiting for a wider ribbon end as what I had was too narrow (where the clasp is attached to the bracelet).  I enjoyed making it and will probably make another in different colours.

I've also made progress on the projet from the previous post (one part is finished) but I'll wait to show you the completed thing.

Best wishes,


  1. Pretty cross and lovely bracelet! When I first learned to tar, my mom was into macramé. That dates me doesn't it? Even then I noticed the similar knots, interesting!

  2. The cross came out really well. I haven't done any macrame in many years, but I can see how a project like that bracelet could motivate you. Very pretty.

  3. The bracelet is lovely, well worth a foray into a sister-craft! Your cross turned out very well and I like the thread colour.

  4. Fabulous cross!!! :)
    Great bracelet!! :)

  5. That is an exceedingly beautiful cross. What a great bracelet! Wow!

  6. Wunderschönes Kreuz und ein sehr schönes Armband. Ich beherrsche zwar kein Macrame,
    aber mir gefällt es sehr gut.

  7. The cross looks beautiful! I have some books on micro-macrame, but I haven't actually tried it yet. I'm glad you were inspired to give it a try!

  8. The negative spaces make such an interesting design ! Your exquisite tatting has brought them to the fore :-)
    Great bracelet !
    Lark's Head Knot is a term derived from macramé ; so tatting probably emerged after macramé.

  9. MUy bella y el color me encanta.Besos.

  10. I have made a lot of these crosses and always one of my favourite Mary patterns
    Lovely bracelet, and the colours go so well together

  11. Ein schönes Kreuz und ein wunderbares Armband!
    Liebe Grüße Conny

  12. Hi am Amritha S Prabhu ftom India a shuttle tatter. I happened to see your tatted box . could you please hive its tatting instructions please. I dint find your e mail ID thats why am asking here sorry for inconvenience


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